What's hot?

What's hot?



Trends are major changes, which influence all levels of our society.

They originate in the macro environment and are further transformed to the socio-cultural area and to the lifestyle level. Lifestyle trends are then translated into various product trends of multiple industries.


Trend maps are structured frameworks helping to anticipate lifestyle, fashion and cosmetic trends.

By means of a professional trend map, RAHN has defined four types of consumers capturing today's zeitgeist.

Learn more about Stylish Adventurer, Pink Rebel, Anchored Visionary and Sophisticated Minimalist – how do they live, which outfits do they like and which cosmetic products and actives do they prefer.

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RCA-Trend Forecast 2018_2019

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Barbara Obermayer

Barbara Obermayer

Head of RAHN-Cosmetic Actives