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Board of Directors


Urs Lauffer, Chairman of the Board

Born 1958, Certified Federal PR Consultant / Corporate Adviser
Other Board of Directors positions: Emil Frey Holding (Vice Chairman), Council of University Hospital Zurich (Vice Chairman), F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Roche Holding Deutschland, Roche Diagnostics Deutschland, SVA Zurich, CHSZ Holding, Maerki Baumann Holding, Maerki Baumann & Co., Braginsky Family Office AG, Lokalinfo AG (Vice Chairman)
Other positions: Fritz-Gerber Foundation for talented young people (Chairman), Paradies Foundation for social innovation (Chairman), Humer Foundation for academic junior staff members (Managing member of the Board of Trustees), "Perspektiven" Foundation of Swiss Life (Vice Chairman)



Beat Walti, Vice Chairman of the Board

Born 1968, Doctor of Law, lawyer, Partner of Wenger & Vieli AG, Swiss National Council
Other Board of Directors positions: RehaClinic AG (Chairman), DSV Panalpina A/S, EGS Beteiligungen AG, Wenger & Vieli AG
Other positions: Ernst Göhner Foundation (Chairman), Bad Zurzach & Baden Health Promotion Foundation (Board of Trustees), Fritz-Gerber Foundation for talented young people (Board of Trustees), Veronika und Hugo Bohny Foundation (Chairman), Züriwerk – Foundation for people with intellectual disabilities in the Canton of Zurich (Board of Trustees), Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation (Board of Trustees)



Ana Patricia Rahn Erden

Born 1977, lic. iur., MAS in Accounting & Finance, Majority shareholder of RAHN AG
Other positions: University of Fribourg Foundation (Board of Trustees), Hans Konrad Rahn Foundation (Board of Trustees), Rahn Kulturfonds Association (President)




Fritz Frischknecht

Born 1958, lic. oec., Joint proprietor of Lauffer & Frischknecht, Business Communications Consultancy
Other positions: Grütli Foundation (Chairman), Hans Konrad Rahn Foundation (Board of Trustees), Paradies Foundation for social innovation (Board of Trustees)




Pierre Jaccoud

Born 1955, Owner of Pierre Jaccoud Consult GmbH
Other Board of Directors positions: Clineron Ltd. (Chairman), irides (Chairman), Independent Capital Group (Vice Chairman), Bühlmann Laboratories, Petri Holding, Schwabe Verlag
Other positions: "Blindenheim Basel" Foundation (Chairman), Nursing Science Switzerland Foundation (Board of Trustees), Scort Foundation (Board of Trustees), Rahn Kulturfonds (Board member), "Sehbehindertenhilfe Basel" (Vice Chairman)



Jörg Kündig

Born 1960, Economist HWV, Owner and CEO of Ubitus AG, Financial Advice and Trusteeship, specialist author, Member of the Parliament of the Canton of Zurich, Municipality President of Gossau ZH, President of the Zurich Association of Municipality Presidents
Other Board of Directors positions: GZO AG Healthcare Zurich Oberland (Chairman), GZO Partner AG (Chairman),
H. Neukom AG
Other positions: Association of Swiss Municipalities (Board member), Zurich Metropolitan Conference (Member of the Metropolitan Council), RADIX - Swiss Competence Centre for Health Promotion and Prevention (Board of Trustees), General Staff Colonel (retd)