Neurovity®: A breakthrough in anti-aging


ANTI-AGE effect: Neurovity®  slows NEURO-AGING

With age, the communication between the skin and the cutaneous systems is disturbed, leading to skin neuro-aging: the quality of skin declines, letting wrinkles appear and losing firmness and elasticity. Neurovity® acts on cutaneous nervous system as well on mature skin to fight neuroaging.



Neurovity® stimulates "youth" proteins Klotho and Sirtuin 1, key markets of cell longevity.

Neurovity® enhances communication between the cutaneous nervous system and the skin

Unique use of sensory HUMAN neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS), similar to embryonic stem cells, and 1st evaluation of a cosmetic active ingredient on this model. Neurovity® restores loss of skin innervation linked to aging ( +27% ) without any influence on young skin.


Lightening effect

Neurovity® attenuates dark spots and lightens the complexion, restores more balanced skin pigmentation.

Attenuated dark spots.png

Originating from a combination of a revolutionary culture technique and an innovative extraction process, Neurovity® is an extract rich in hydrocinnamic acids (family of polyphenols) and specifically in dicaffeoylquinic acids (DCQ), molecules which are hardly expressed by the plant in traditional growing conditions.

Aeroponic culture.jpg

A revolutionary eco-designed & patented process: Aeroponics culture of Vitex negundo

  • Grown without soil
  • No damage to the plants (re-used after active molecules extraction)
  • Reproducibility (no climatic/plant variability) 


  • Prevention of neuro-aging
  • Slows down natural skin aging
  • Boosts cell longevity
  • Increases skin innervation density
  • Activates natural repair systems of DNA
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Lightening

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Adrian Gräub

Adrian Gräub

Head of Supplier Affairs Cosmetics