PASSIOLINE: Repairs, Remodels & Soothes


Patented, eco-designed active ingredient obtained by molecular distillation process.
Eco-responsible sourcing from Peru

PASSIOLINE®, a concentrate of precious molecules from Virgin Maracuja oil, stimulates key markers involved in the repairing and remodeling processes of the skin tissues, thus promoting the healing process of weakened & damaged skins!

  • Repairs skin tissue at three levels (epidermis, dermis, DEJ)

Stimulates the key markers of cell proliferation, cell migration and the DEJ (Dermis-Epidermis Junction)

  • Regenerates, restructures and remodels the skin

Stimulates the synthesis and proper arrangement of elastin and collagen; boosts the contractile force of fibroblasts

  • Soothes damaged and weakened skin, promotes the healing process

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Efficacy proven with a challenging clinical study

PASSIOLINE® 1% compared to a market-leading commercial repairing cream, after a dermabrasion protocol (dermabrasion is a mechanical surgical skin planing method).

  • 92% of the 48 volunteers confirm the soothing effect of PASSIOLINE® on discomfort, rednesses and visible effects of dermabrasion

  • Repairing and soothing effect from day 3

  • As effctive as the commercial cream throughout the whole study: day 3, day 7 and day 14 

Ideal intreating daily lesions like chapping, irritations, acne, burns, cuts or post-surgery ones, PASSIOLINE® will also fit for your anti-ageing product


Innovation & Sustainability rewarded

PASSIOLINE® efficacy results have been rewarded at In-Cosmetics London, with the golden prize of the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award.

The sustainable set up from the vegetal supply chain to the production have been recognized by the Supplier’s Day committee. PASSIOLINE® won the prize of the most sustainable ingredient  launched in 2017 (Sustainability award).



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Adrian Gräub

Adrian Gräub

Head of Supplier Affairs Cosmetics