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For several years "microplastics" in cosmetics have caused a big discussion. Now the environmentalists are taking a step further and talking about the so-called "liquid plastics", both in skin care products as well as in decorative cosmetics. These are plastics in dissolved form, such as acrylates crosspolymer, acrylates copolymer, polyquartenium or polyamide like nylon-6 and -12. The media are already intensifying their efforts to address this issue and are thereby increasing the pressure on the cosmetics industry.
Be a step ahead and formulate your cosmetic products without any plastic. Cosmetics that don't need these raw materials and therefore contribute to the protection of the world's oceans are highly popular among consumers. Discover RAHN-solutions for your successful business.




  • GenuPectin Pectinis characterized by its good gelling and complexing properties. It is a polysaccharide contained in citrus fruits or sugar beet.TEXT

  • Keltrol: This polysaccharide is produced by biotechno-logical process from the naturally occurring Xanthamo-nas Campestris, which can be found for example in cabbages. By using Xanthan Gum you will have positive influence on skin feeling, improved heat stability and optimised flow behaviour of emulsions and gels.

  • Genuvisco: Genuvisco types are used for emulsion stabilization as well as for sensory improvement. Carrageenans are anionic, sulfated polysaccharides which are derived from red algae. Different types of red algae contain different types of carrageenans. The difference is the three-dimensional structure which has direct influence on viscosity and consistency.

  • Kelcogel: Gellan Gum is able to stabilise fine particles like effect beads, pigments, glitters in suspension or to build up a strong gel structure and thereby can replace carbomers in emulsions. This polysaccharide is obtained via biotechnology by means of the bacterium Sphingomonas elodea, which occurs naturally, e.g. on water lily leaves.

  • UniqSens SFE System: This system allows you to formulate emulsifier-free. UniqSens SFE system combines the wetting properties of pectin, the emulsion-stabilizing functionality of xanthan gum and the sensory feeling improvement of carrageenan.

  • Natural hydrocolloids in comparison



  • Amihope LL and Amihope OL(new) optimize the opacity, reduce squeaky feeling and improve the sensory properties such as foam volume. Can also be used as natural opacifiers and pearlescent additives for hair care products.

  • Ajidew NL-50 makes hair soft and moisturised, improves hair manageability and promotes wet combability.

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  • Aquadew SPA-30B nourishes the hair tips and prevents hair breakage.

  • CAE prevents static electricity, has a conditioning effect on the hair and skin benefits for the scalp. An additional property is a good antimicrobial activity against bacteria and yeasts.

  • Eldew PS-203R improves hair surface hydrophobicity, protect against external aggressors and daily cleansing stress. Botanical amino ceramide penetrates deep within the hair to repair damages and deliver moisture to the core.

  • L-Arginine, amino acid with high nutrition effect, stimulates and nurtures hair roots, gives moisture and repairs dry hair.

  • Prodew 500 interacts with the hair to give various cosmetic effects like moisturizing, strengthening the structure and color-protection. Hair looks lustrous and has a brilliant appearance.

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Cherry Powder- delicately smooth scrub
Cosmos-compliant cherry powder is produced by grinding the cherry pips then sterilising them using an innovative vibration and induction process. Exclusively French cherry pips are used and are sourced from sustainable agriculture as co-products.

FOSSIL PEELING POWDER- a unique salt water diatomaceous earth
It gently works on the skin, leaving it smooth and thoroughly cleansed. Scientific studies have proven that FOSSIL PEELING POWDER stimulates cell renewal, rejuvenates new skin cells underneath and restores the skin’s natural radiance and complexion.

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Colour Protection Hair Mask all-natural

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Natural Face & Body Scrub with Cherry Powder

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Wild Berries Shower Polish with FOSSIL PEELING POWDER

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