Content: NEW: ORMESIA® and Virgin Maracuja oil

NEW: ORMESIA® and Virgin Maracuja oil

Laboratoires Expanscience is launching ORMESIA®, your daily ally against
IN & OUTdoor pollution!

The Virgin Maracuja oil, which completes Laboratoires Expanscience range of sensorial ingredients, will enliven your formulations thanks to its very characteristic touch.



Maracuja and Peru in the spotlight!

Laboratoires Expanscience chose to strengthen their historical partnership in Peru by selecting this supply channel for Maracuja. Expanscience contributes to local development by valuating the maracuja seeds that were until now unexploited.
ORMESIA® and Virgin Maracuja oil are two eco-designed ingredients produced from passion fruit by a patented process which respects both the people and the environment.
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