Content: SLIMEXIR®- The Silhouette-Refiner

SLIMEXIR®- The Silhouette-Refiner

SLIMEXIR® changes the whole body image from tip to toe



 The feminine beauty ideal, which also includes the female body shape, has been reinvented over time. Nowadays, "generation SLIMEXIR®" strives to have female curves, smooth and even skin and young-looking eyes.

SLIMEXIR® is based on a triple A mode of action, namely fat decomposition, drainage effect and skin hydration/smoothness.


The ingenious combination of X-Melt®, a mix of methylxanthines, extract of artichoke (Cynara scolymus) and the polysaccharide levan markedly change body image by refining various problem zones and rejuvenating the eye area.
RAHN has carried out new in-vivo studies to investigate SLIMEXIR®'s effect on different problem areas:



  • Up to 29 % improved firmness of neck and abdomen
  • Up to 18 % less cellulite and fat thickness
  • Up to 23 % less oedema area
  • Significantly thinner hips, gluteus, neck, legs and arms
  • Significant rejuvenation of eye area (eye bags, dark circles, eye wrinkles)


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