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Lab. Expanscience, FR

Offer highly purified molecular distilled vegetable oil derived concentrates and active ingredients, protective Lupin Peptides and beneficial oils from the Amazonian region.  Laboratoires Expanscience uses both its cosmetic and pharmaceutical knowledge to create high performance actives from nature such as, Avocado, Lupine and Peruvian Maca to meet the growing demand for natural, sustainable ingredients.

Active ingredients with confirmed efficacy:

  • 5-Alpha Avocuta
  • Actimp 1.9.3. pf
  • Alpha-Lupaline
  • Collageneer
  • Effipulp
  • Hierogaline
  • Sesaline & Sesaline Bio
  • Skinergium 2 & Skinergium Bio
  • Soline & Soline Bio
  • Sweetone

Exfoliating agents:

  • Cherry-Powder

Oils from the Amazonian region:

  • Andiroba Oil
  • Cupuacu Butter

Oils derived from plants:

  • Lupin Oil
  • Virgin Prunus Oil


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  • Austria
  • BeNeLux
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom & Ireland