Mask and Acne – "Maskne"

The current skincare problem caused by masks

Wearing protective face masks can lead to breakouts, also known as "maskne". Maskne, clinically regarded as acne mechanica, is a form of acne that is triggered by excess heat, pressure, friction and rubbing of the skin.
Stay safe! We will help your skin
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RAHN-Cosmetic Actives for our modern lifestyle

You might already protect yourself with a UV sunscreen as part of your daily skin care. But what about all the other forms of radiation to which your skin is exposed
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Replenish thirsty skin

Cost-effective and efficient moisturizer

Are you focusing on new opportunities for cost-efficient humectants in cleansing and skin care products to restore the skin barrier after frequent washes? Ajidew NL-50 (INCI: Sodium PCA) is a natural humectant, that represents a multi-functional and cost-effective solution for skin and hair care products.
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World Tour with SISTERNA


"Sisterna World Tour" Formulation Guide with 20 formulations in which local ingredients, personal care habits and trends are combined with the benefits of sucrose esters. Sisterna emulsifiers improve moisturization, are very mild and reduce the irritation level of other ingredients.
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Safety and Hydration in ONE.jpg

Safety and Hydration in ONE

Ingredients born of Mother Earth

Given the COVID-19 crisis, consumers are focusing on safe, natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Amino acids are natural materials born of Mother Earth and are necessary for physiological functions in humans.
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Sytenol® A

A true “Retinol-Like” active Ingredient

We are pleased to report that Sytenol® A (INCI: Bakuchiol) is now approved by Natrue.
Bakuchiol is the active ingredient creating a real buzz in the blogosphere. It is a 100% natural extract obtained from the seeds of the babchi plant and a retinol analogue without the drawbacks. 
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SOS Treatment.jpg

Whenever your skin calls for help  

Skin Balancing SOS Treatment is formulated using active ingredients that help to rehydrate, repair and protect dry and damaged skin.
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Bimiol BSC.jpg

Biomimetic Formula

Restart skin's natural regeneration 

Biomimetic skincare is becoming more and more popular! Bimiol BSC® is a lamellar system modelled after the human skin. 
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Nature will love it

Water responsible beauty

Development of smart products that reduce water consumption is important. 
Be part of this movement! We will help you to reduce Your Water Footprint.
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Tego Remo 95 MB.jpg

TEGO® Remo 95 MB

Natural-based thickener with emollient properties

The new TEGO® Remo 95 MB is a natural-based thickener with emollient properties providing efficient thickening and skin conditioning properties at the same time.
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Your Eyes gonna love it 

Currently working from home with lots of screen time? You should take care of your eyes!
Lab. Expanscience launch Number 6, a "No Waste" active ingredient! 
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Aloe Vera.jpg

Aloe Vera

Remedy for your Hands

Due to the current situation, our hands are under particularly heavy strain. We are washing our hands more often and much thoroughly, wearing gloves, as well using hand sanitizers daily. Develop formats focusing on super-hydrating hand care for soft and smooth hands.
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Fragrance Stick.jpg

Perfume Pencils

Create Novel Fragrance Formats

Chanel is experimenting with novel fragrance formats and is debuting a line of Chanel Chance perfume pencils in the form of a Discovery Set. The travel-friendly, leak-free stick format enhances convenience of use and taps into the waterless beauty products trend. With help from RAHN, create novel fragrance formats ...
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Naturally Radiant Skin.jpg

Naturally Radiant Skin

Thanks to Sweetone® and Skinhairgium®

Now in 2020, make-up is no longer needed to create a naturally radiant skin!
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Better Focus on Eye Care in the Digital Era 

Better Focus ‘Always online’ is the new normal for today’s globally connected consumers. But a significant duration of screen time activities can lead to the development of premature wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and hyperpigmentation. The skin around the eyes is unique and particularly vulnerable because it is so thin.
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Gellun Gum.jpg

High-acyl Gellan Gum
As a Functional Polyacrylate Substitute

Is it possible to replace the acrylic acid polymers in a reformulation one to one? The answer is YES. Findings from our sensory research project confirm that gellan gum (Kelcogel CG-HA) can be used as a substitute for crosspolymers, with no major sensory impact.
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