Perfume Pencils

Perfume Pencils

Create Novel Fragrance Formats

Chanel is experimenting with novel fragrance formats and is debuting a line of Chanel Chance perfume pencils in the form of a Discovery Set. The travel-friendly, leak-free stick format enhances convenience of use and taps into the waterless beauty products trend. 
The vegan oil thickeners GP-1 and EB-21 from our supplier AJINOMOTO have made this kind of formulation possible.

Experience is key. With help from RAHN, create novel fragrance formats that actively stimulate multiple sensory experiences of consumers, imparting deeper meaning to the product. 

Journey through the senses: 

  • See: visualise the fragrance in a unique new format.
  • Feel: the balsam texture melts on the skin, leaving a sensation of smooth skin.
  • Smell: the fragrance unfolds on the skin and accompanies the user throughout the day.

The ideal on-the-go solution for use at any time of day.



Solid Travel Fragrance Stick_Formulation

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