Upcycling for skin, soul and planet


Upcycling for skin, soul and planet

Start the "Spring cleansing" in your cells for a young, healthy and glowing skin! RAHN proudly presents our new active ingredient REFORCYL®-AION. REFORCYL®-AION rejuvenates and purifies the skin by activating autophagy, a sophisticated cellular waste management program.

What do you have to know about REFORCYL®-AION…


In Line with Principles of
     Upcycling and Circular Economy

REFORCYL®-AION is a well-being solution and a super hero for your skin and our planet. It is based on the press cake of organically grown Styrian oil pumpkin seeds and complies with the principles of circular economy.
Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca is cultivated by family-run organic farms in geographically protected regions in middle Europe. The unique shell-free pumpkin seeds are used for oil production. The remaining press cake is rich in free amino acids including carboxypyrrolidine cucurbitine, polyamines (spermidine and spermine), polyphenols, various proteins and carbohydrates. It is further processed to obtain valuable and precious REFORCYL®-AION extract. The residual material from extract production is composted and is used as soil fertilizer.

Carbon Neutrality

The CO2 emissions generated by the production process of REFORCYL®-AION have been calculated and are offset by two climate-friendly projects:

  • Regional forest project in Switzerland. Regional projects protect natural habitats such as native woodlands or the Alps. They play an important role in the adaptation to climate change.
  • Hydropower project for the habitat of mountain gorillas. The charcoal made illegaly from trees in the Virunga Park is the only source of energy for many. If there is no alternative to charcoal, the forest will be completely deforested in ten years' time. Since hydropower is created without burning fossil fuels, it is considered emission-free. The growth of renewable energy production is essential to limiting global warming and securing energy supplies for the future.

     a Cellular Upcycling Plant

Autophagy is a natural rejuvenation program of our body. Abnormal and dysfunctional cellular constituents are eliminated or recycled from any part of the cytoplasm. Thanks to this complex cellular upcycling process, our cells stay clean, healthy and functional. 

Impaired autophagy weakens the skin barrier and promotes skin “garb-ageing”.

Autophagy at a glance:

  • Golgi apparatus, our cellular parcel service, is reorganised to vesicle-shaped phagophores, which wrap around and seal cellular waste.
  • Phagophores are reorganised in autophagosomes, exposing LC3A protein on their surface.
  • This exposure enables the fusion with lysosomes creating autolysosomes, the final structure on the autophagy pathway.
  • Autolysosome degrades cellular waste enzymatically and provides essential building blocks.
Claims und Benefits 
  • Well-being solution for a better skin tone
  • The "Pac-Man" for healthy, elastic and smooth skin
  • High-end cell waste manager
  • Skin's rebooting secret
  • Up-circular beautifying strategy

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