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Sisterna, NL

Sisterna, NL

Sisterna specialises in sugar based emulsifiers with an HLB of 1-15 that are extremely mild and versatile for modern cosmetic formulations.


  • Sisterna A10E-C (Oil Gelling Agent) HLB 0
  • Sisterna SP01-C (W/O-Emulsifier) HLB 1
  • Sisterna SP10-C (W/O-Emulsifier) HLB 2
  • Sisterna SP30-C (O/W-Emulsifier) HLB 6
  • Sisterna SP50-C (O/W-Emulsifier) HLB 11
  • Sisterna SP70-C (O/W-Emulsifier) HLB 15
  • Sisterna PS750-C (O/W-Emulsifier) HLB 16

Surfactants & Solubilisers, PEG-free:

  • Sisterna L70-C O/W-Emulsifier and Surfactant HLB 15

The emulsifiers can be used for a wide range of applications including O/W and W/O emulsions, mousses, sugar scrubs, body butters and gel-to-milk concepts. 


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  • United Kingdom & Ireland