Lupinus albus and Chlorella vulgaris

Two kings of superfood

Where superfood meets ecology


The Aztecs were the first humans who consumed the C. vulgaris, and on the other side of our world, ancient Egyptians appreciated lupine - "the food for goods" - for its valuable nutritional and medicinal properties.

Today, C. vulgaris is cultivated in closed photobioreactors, the most modern and sustainable algae production form.

The ancient algae not only captivates with its velvety, pure deep green colour but also with its incredible wealth of bioactive nutrients. 

The beautiful white lupine, the native and almost forgotten European legume offers a rich protein profile as essential ally for your body.  Beside to its health benefits, lupine is a great investment in soil eco-system and serves as an attractive meadow for bees.




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CELLACTIVE® combines the best out of the Old and the New World resulting in an exciting synthesis of ancient and modern for the skin and hair empowering. 

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