Maclura cochinchinensis

Closely linked to a traditional cultural heritage from Indonesia

A well-fortified plant with exciting ingredients 


Maclura cochinchinensis is a thorny climbing plant that is found along the coasts around the entire Indian Ocean.

It is closely related to the mulberry plant, known from silkworm breeding. Maclura cochinchinensis was formerly used to dye fabrics in the traditional "Soga Batik" in Indonesia, a special textile dyeing process with high cultural relevance, before synthetic dyes came on the market.

However, instead of wood, we use the leaves and thin branches to isolate the valuable prenylated isoflavones with high yield. The plant uses these compounds to protect itself from pests and diseases. These special secondary plant ingredients have an impressive anti-inflammatory profile and inhibit a number of processes in the development of acne. On top, they have positive effects on the skin microbiota. Due to this, Maclura cochinchinensis seemed to be ideal for the development of an active ingredient especially for oily skin.



SEBOCLEARTM- MP is convincing due to its excellent efficacy on skin prone to acne, but is also excellently positioned in the anti-ageing area since it has retinol-like efficacy.

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