Panicum miliaceum

The rediscovery of a forgotten treasure

Golden millet belongs to the panicle millet family.
Did you know that millet is one of the oldest cereals?


In Europe, it was displaced by maize and potatoes and is gradually regaining its original importance. This is due to its valuable ingredients.

In cosmetics, millet is known to promote strong hair and fingernails. The bioavailable silicon is mainly responsible for this. But millet extract also contains calcium and magnesium. We have found that a fermentation with a special community of lactobacilli unlocks these minerals much better than is possible in a normal extraction.

However, millet extract is an asset in any case: classically, to strengthen keratin structures for an even complexion, or fermented as a skin moisturiser and skin soother, which balances the skin microbiota and even counteracts atopic skin.



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