Beauty and the Mask

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The right skin care when wearing a hygiene mask


What happens above the mask?

The mask covers a large part of the face. Therefore it is not always easy to correctly assess the emotions and state of mind of the person opposite.

To emphasize the beauty of the face, a large part of the “surface” is also hidden. It makes little sense to wear lipstick under the mask. It remains to accentuate the eye area and obviously, there are no limits in the color cosmetics field.

The situation is different with rejuvenating cosmetics. Here too, the eye area offers great opportunities for application, because the wrinkles around the eyes make a big difference. And just as in the color cosmetics area, the immediate effect is desired.

For this purpose, we offer LIFTONIN®-XPRESS, the “Instant Wrinkle Minimizer”. Whether on the train, while shopping or in a zoom meeting. With LIFTONIN®-XPRESS you can even out wrinkles around the eye area or on the forehead in seconds, for a fresh and young look above the mask.





What happens under the mask?

In many countries in Asia for a long time, an expression of mutual respect to protect their fellow human beings from infectious respiratory diseases, is wearing a face mask. This is a rather unusual sight in the rest of the world, up to now. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has also led to the wearing of masks there, which can cause cosmetic problems for the skin.

We see three main causes that can affect the skin when wearing masks:

  • Mechanical irritation of the skin
  • Increase in humidity
  • Increase of the air temperature

These skin changes can therefore occur as a result of wearing a mask:

  • Disruption of the skin barrier
  • Skin redness
  • Skin irritations and sensitive skin
  • Acne outbreak

RAHN offers various cosmetic actives as a solution


It protects against increasing transepidermal water loss due to skin irritation and thus strengthens the skin barrier.
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, DEFENSIL® reduces the microcirculation triggered by an increase in temperature within minutes and can thus reduce skin redness



We pursue a different approach with DEFENSIL®-SOFT. It reduces heat-related transepidermal water loss and redness. It acts as a neuro-soother, which can bring the hypersensitivity of the skin due to the constant irritation by the mask back into the normal range.



We recommend REFORCYL® for more mature skin or in cases of mechanical damage to the skin barrier due to chafing of the mask on the skin.



SEBOCLEARTM-MP takes care of the causes of maskne

SEBOCLEARTM-MP can help, as it quickly reduces the number of coryneform bacteria and balances the ratio of the good skin microbiota (S. epidermides) to the acne germ Propionibacterium acnes.

SEBOCLEARTM-MP markedly reduces the number of pores populated with P. acnes and suppresses acne formation, especially in the chin / nasolabial folds / bridge of the nose.


We have developed the “Skin Balancing SOS-Treatment”


DEFENSIL®-PLUS, as an intensified version of DEFENSIL®, is RAHN’s flagship product for the protection and repair of the skin barrier. In addition to supporting the skin’s own barrier active ingredients, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, which, in synergy with SEBOCLEARTM-MP, ensures optimum protection when wearing a mask.

Download the formulation here


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