Trend Wellbeing

Get the fresh splash with RAHN-Cosmetic Actives

Trend Wellbeing

Get the fresh splash with RAHN-Cosmetic Actives

Our daily hair and skin care is good for us.


It enhances our appearance and boosts our self-confidence and well-being.

Even brief spa experiences will relax and stimulate senses – the secret recipe many of us know will sooth down daily stress.

No wonder that wellbeing is increasingly becoming a part of consumers lifestyles and a strong innovation driver for the cosmetic industry.

Hydration is the fountain of wellbeing for skin and hair and the key to a real spa experience. It leaves perceivable effects, improves appearance and makes skin and hair soft and supple. 

Based on this simple concept of hydration we have created a new spa concept for your skin and hair care products:

  • Water is life – including our skin and hair
  • Proper hair care – “Shine like a diamond” from root to tip
  • For a radiant face – youth through moisture
  • The freshness kick for a well-groomed body – skin care starts in the shower
  • Special programme for legs and feet – treading water counters stress of dryness


Our moisture specialists HYDRACTIN®-LMF and AQUARICH® help you to develop new "allround" wellbeing products for your customers:

         a moisture boost that rejuvenates skin

In a Nutshell

Inspired by
the unique moisture management system employed by forests

Natural ingredients 
A symbiosis of the three moisture-donating professionals:Cetraria islandica, Sphagnum magellanicum and Polypodium vulgare

Optimum quality
of ingredients and production techniques: HYDRACTIN®-LMF is made by experts and conforms to the most stringent quality standards

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In skin care

  • For care of the skin of the face after the age of 35 years
  • Intensive moisture treatment for dry skin on the hands, elbows and feet
  • Foot care, e.g. for cracked heel skin
  • Special care for skin exposed to dry climatic conditions (winter, air-conditioned environments) 
    Rinse-off products (Shower baths, shampoos)

HYDRACTIN®-LMF donates moisture to the skin thus retaining its vitality


     Hairchitect and ally of epidermal moisture

In a Nutshell

Inspired by
the moisture-retaining substances of black oats and biomimetic properties of lecithin

Natural ingredients
Exciting synthesis of active ingredients - ancient Avena strigosa and modern lecithin

Optimum quality
of ingredients and production techniques: AQUARICH® is made by experts in Switzerland and conforms to the most stringent quality standards.


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Skin care

  • Intensive and long-lasting moisturising for the whole body
  • Hydration of the delicate eye area
  • Barrier-strengthening care for extremely dry hands and feet

In hair care products

  • Shampoo and conditioner for damaged, bleached hair
  • Restructuring hair masks, products against split ends

AQUARICH® supports the epidermis, giving it back the moisture it needs




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Barbara Obermayer

Barbara Obermayer

Head of RAHN-Cosmetic Actives