Active Beauty

Athleisure and Athbeauty Trends

Active Beauty

Athleisure and Athbeauty Trends

This global beauty trend is based on the phrase “a healthy mind
in a healthy body”. There is a rising demand for products supporting
a healthy and physically fit lifestyle, indeed this is now
more important than ever.



… when the great outdoors becomes your gym. If you train
outdoors, you must not forget sun protection. You only maintain
protection if you regularly re-apply sun protection cream.
Because sweat, sand and water slowly but surely can remove
the protection you apply. The consequence is sunburn. And hair
is also not spared from sun damage either. That is why it is a
good idea to cover your head when training outdoors or apply a
suitable haircare product with UV-protection.

CELLIGENT® strengthens the skin’s natural defensive mechanism
against the sun’s rays and protects the DNA in the skin
cells. The risk of long-term damage and premature ageing of the
skin is minimised.

RADICARE®-GOLD alleviates cellular oxidative stress, protects
cells against lipid peroxidation, and attenuates the skin’s carotenoid
loss in the summer.


Water sports enthusiasts in particular need to make sure they
use skincare products with a high moisture content because
water dries out the skin and hair. Water leaches the skin’s own
oils from the upper skin layer – this effect is intensified by skin
and hair cleansing products as well as chlorine additives in the

HYDRACTIN®-LMF infuses the skin with an extra portion of
moisture, and helps the skin to retain the newly acquired
moisture as long as possible.

AQUARICH® can repair hair conditions commonly associated
with pool or salt water, such as the prevention of split ends,
gloss and bounceback.




…when hair and skin need special protection due to a disturbed
and stressed barrier function.

MYRAMAZE®: Bodyguard and protective factor against blue
light for stressed and sensitive skin. MYRAMAZE® protects the
skin cells in dry conditions and stabilises the skin’s own moisture
and lipid barrier. Skin regeneration is thereby improved.

PROTEOLEA®: Cell-recycling manager and anti-blue-light formula
for skin that looks six years younger in only four weeks.
PROTEOLEA® smooths the skin, dispenses moisture and
promotes skin regeneration, leaving the skin looking more radiant.


MYRAMAZE®: 48 h+ skin wellness. Treat your skin to a bit of a
MYRAMAZE® gives a feeling of calm and a new sense ofwell-being in just five steps. Your skin will flourish noticeably. Dry
skin areas are supplied with moisture; the stressed skin barrier gains renewed energy and especially sensitive skin areas are revitalised.

DEFENSIL®-SOFT is based on mushrooms from the Albatrellus family, living in the boreal taiga forests of the northern hemisphere under the magical light of the aurora borealis.
Thanks to its active ingredients grifolin, neogrifolin and scutigeral, DEFENSIL®-SOFT effectively inhibits the pain receptor TRPV1, a mediator for neurogenic irritation. When applied to the skin, DEFENSIL®-SOFT instantly soothes and safeguards irritated skin, protects against the effects of infra-red radiation and augments the skin's well-being zone.




SLIMEXIR® is your whole-body fitness trainer to bring problem
areas into form and keep them there. Activate and firm up is the
motto here – whether it is your legs, tum or bum – or even neck
and arms. The in-vivo empirical evidence is unusually extensive
for this power ingredient.

LIFTONIN®-XPERT ECO is the ideal partner for products to combat
flabby skin or stretch marks – for that extra portion of highgrade
collagen for legs, tum and bum.

Happiness begins as soon as you feel good and feeling good is
the new “looking good”.

Inspired? If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

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Barbara Obermayer

Barbara Obermayer

Head of RAHN-Cosmetic Actives