Small but highly skilled


Because we may be small but we pack a punch. Don't be misled by our unassuming nature; we are all specialists in our fields, highly skilled and keen to ensure perfection in what we do. 

Innovation & Tradition


Because we at RAHN focus on both innovation and tradition and look for people who see no contradiction in this combination, people who would like to work with us to help transform what is tried-and-tested today into concepts of tomorrow.



Because our success speaks many languages. And this is not just a reference to a small- to medium-sized Swiss enterprise with our standard four national languages, but to all the languages spoken at our seven subsidiaries and during our sales activities in 44 countries.



Because we at RAHN have understood that successful teamwork cannot be taken for granted; we are happy to invest as much as is necessary in oder to keep mutual regard, participation in the decision-making process and trust alive.



Because our strength is not only apparent through our development and sale of raw materials but also in the form of the exceptional service we provide.

Your personal contact

Michela Marino

Michela Marino

Head of Human Resources & Payroll