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REACH registered: Yes = registered / No = not registered
TSCA Inventory listed: Yes = listed / No = not listed
IECSC listed: Yes = listed / No = not listed
Swiss Ordinance listed: 1 = all intentionally added substances or monomers are listed in Part A or in Part B or in both / 2 = one or more of the intentionally added substances or monomers are not listed in either Part A or Part B


For all products listed as registered: before importing commercial volumes of these products into the respective country, please verify the registration status with RAHN staff.

The bio content figures are calculated using the total amount of biomass in the product. The bio-based product is therefore expressed as a percentage of the overall weight of the product.

This list includes our most successfully used and commercially fully supported products. If your requirements cannot be met with any of these products, please contact us directly to help you find a solution.

We reserve the right to make any changes according to technological progress or further developments.


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Roger Küng

Roger Küng

Head of Operations EnergyCuring