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Energy or radiation curing is an environmentally friendly and efficient technology for printing inks, varnishes, adhesives and various other applications, using UV-light or electron beams. The curing takes place immediately with high-energy light (UV) or electron beam. Specific advantages are:

  • No volatile organic compounds and therefore no emissions
  • Fast curing, higher production speed
  • Low energy consumption
  • High and consistent quality of the manufactured products
  • Superior properties
  • One component systems for easy handling
  • Small space requirement

Find out more in the videos below.

The sustainable benefits and advantages of UV curing

In this video you'll learn more about the sustainable benefits and advantages of UV curing

How to measure mechanical data of UV cured thermosets

In this video you will learn how to categorize the different characteristics of different plastics.

How does RAHN develop bio-based products

How do bio-renewable products get developed...check out our latest video.


A basic introduction to UV curing technology

UV curing technology and everything you always wanted to know about 3 minutes.

High performance 3DP utilizing new
sustainable urethane (meth)acrylates

RadTech 2021 Presentation

Formulation & Application Tips for Excimer Curing

RadTech 2021 Presentation

Printing Process: Flexo

Tutorial for UV Flexo Printing Application

Printing Process: Offset

Tutorial for UV Offset Printing Application

Printing Process: Inkjet

Tutorial for UV Inkjet Printing Application

Printing Process: Gravure

Tutorial for UV Gravure Printing Application

PSA, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Tutorial for PSA Application

Printing Process: Screen

Tutorial for UV Screen Printing Application

Laminating Adhesives

A Formulator Guide to Energy Curable Laminating Adhesives

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