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    1. Press Release PIPPDF, 1 Page, 304,7 KB

      Key industry stakeholders announce the formation of Photoinitiators Platform.

    2. In the media (spring 2018)

      RAHN in the media. Please read here the article in Packaging & Converting Intelligence Journal:

      The right balance

      Link to the article in Packaging & Converting Intelligence

    3. UV-News No 47PDF, 4 Pages, 404,3 KB

      Please find here the latest issue of the RAHN UV news No. 47.

    4. In the media (summer 2017)

      Read here RAHN article: "'Formulating Energy-Curable Laminating Adhesives" published in ASI Adhesives & Sealants Industries in the September issue.

    5. UV-News 46PDF, 4 Pages, 2,9 MB

      Have a look at the latest issue of our RAHN UV-News No 46.

    6. UV/EB Safe Handling Guide PDF, 22 Pages, 1,4 MB

      This guideline is especially designed to inform and help people who use UV/EB resin systems. They are perfectly safe when basic precautions are taken. This guideline describes the main situations where there is a risk of contact with acrylate systems, and offers information for the safe handling of these products.

    7. UV News No. 45PDF, 4 Pages, 730,4 KB

      Please find the latest issue of our UV news no. 45.

    8. In the media (autumn 2016)

      RAHN in the media. Read article in Packaging & Converting Intelligence Journal Collaborate and cure

      Link to Packaging & Converting Intelligence

    9. UV News No. 44PDF, 4 Pages, 236,7 KB

      Please find here the latest issue of RAHN UV News.

    10. UV News No. 43PDF, 6 Pages, 323,7 KB

      Please find here the latest issue for 2015 of RAHN UV News No 43.

    11. Archive e-Newsletter

      Below is a link to our archive of previously published electronic newsletters

      Link to UV e-News archive

    12. In the media (Spring 2016)

      RAHN in the media. Read article in Packaging & Converting Intelligence Journal Photoinitiators meet demands for low migration and odour

      Link to Packaging & Converting Intelligence

    13. In the media (Spring 2014)PDF, 4 Pages, 602,7 KB

      RAHN in the media. Read article in Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine. UV/LED Photoinitiator and Cure Study. Comprehensive test and comparison of various Photoinitiators for UV / LED application.  Link to PCI Mag

    14. In the media (Fall 2013)PDF, 1 Page, 134.5 KB

      RAHN in the media. Read article in Packaging & Converting Intelligence Journal. Meet the challenge of food contact compliance. The regulatory environment for printing inks that come into indirect contact with food is continually changing.

      Link to Packaging & Converting Intelligence

    15. EnergyCuring Product GuidePDF, 28 Pages, 1,8 MB

      New EnergyCuring Product Guide

      This guide includes our most successfully used and commercially fully supported products. If your requirements cannot be met with any of these products, please contact us directly to help you find a solution.

    1. UV EB West

      19.03.2019 - 20.03.2019

      Conference and Expo at the Crowne Plaza, Redondo Beach, CA.

    2. ECS European Coating Show 2019

      19.03.2019 - 21.03.2019

      Visit us at the European Coating Show at our booth! We are looking foward to meet you there.

    3. RadTech Asia 2019

      18.10.2019 - 20.10.2019

      Come and visit us at RadTech Asia in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in China! We are looking foward to meet you there.

    1. 3D PrintingPDF, 0 Pages, 952,9 KB

      RAHN’s product range recommended for different vat photopolymerization processes (e.g. SLA, DLP) and other 3D printing methods.

    2. Raw Material Selection for UV LEDPDF, 12 Pages, 1,9 MB

      This Lab Report discusses oligomers and photoinitiator types and includes a detailed UV/LED benchmark study. 

    3. UV Curing Flexographic Inks PDF, 12 Pages, 439,9 KB

      Report outlines requirements needed to develop a UV curing ink series for state-of-the-art flexographic presses

    4. Shrinkage of UV Oligomers and MonomersPDF, 4 Pages, 207,7 KB

      Report addresses key subjects of shrinkage in UV/EB cured formulations.

    5. Adhesion of Oligomers to Glass and Metal SubstratesPDF, 10 Pages, 5,2 MB

      Formulation optimization is necessary to determine the maximum adhesive quality of coating on substrate

    6. Lab Report Oligomer ScreeningPDF, 15 Pages, 2,9 MB

      Lab Report Oligomer Screening

    7. You don't have permission to download this file. Please contact us if you think this is an error.

      Photoinitiators for UV LEDPDF, 10 Pages, 1,7 MB

      Lab Report describes how Photoinitiators for UV–LED can be chosen and mixed to provide good cure response, especially where pigments and fillers interfere with light absorption. This Lab Report compares photoinitiators choices with traditional mercury lamp curing and UV LED curing for clear coats as well as pigmented systems.

    8. Laminating AdhesivesPDF, 6 Pages, 184.9 KB

      Laminating adhesives (LAs) comprise a relevant and growing segment among energy curable product markets. Initially regarded as being too expensive and not technically advanced enough for laminating applications, energy curable LA products have become major players in the converting and packaging industries, particularly in specialty applications.

    9. UV Inkjet InksPDF, 12 Pages, 542,4 KB

      Formulating of UV inkjet inks is a difficult challange to achieve adhesion, flow and printablity performance attributes needed.

    10. Taber and Sand FeederPDF, 4 Pages, 230,9 KB

      Report discusses the relationship of two different abrasion resistance test methods

    11. PSA, Pressure Sensitive AdhesivesPDF, 6 Pages, 233,8 KB

      Report provide applicable starting point formulas

    12. Electron Beam Curing Laminating AdhesivesPDF, 12 Pages, 415,5 KB

      Report outlines oligomer performances for EB cured laminating film combinations

    13. UV Offset InksPDF, 24 Pages, 3,0 MB

      Report focuses on product evaluation in terms of physical parameters and lithographic performance relevant to UV curing offset inks

    14. Electron Beam CuringPDF, 12 Pages, 469,3 KB

      Effects of oligomer and monomer selection on the performance of EB cured coatings

    1. Bio Renewable contents PDF, 1 Page, 49,7 KB

      Please read our latest product flash about bio renewable contents in RAHN products.


    2. GENOMER* 3364, 3414, 3497, 3480 & 3457PDF, 5 Pages, 364,2 KB

      Versatility at Low Viscosity - Polyether Acrylates

    3. GENOPOL* Polymeric PhotoinitiatorsPDF, 10 Pages, 534,8 KB

      Polymeric Photoinitiators for Food Packaging

    4. GENORAD* 21 PDF, 4 Pages, 312,7 KB

      In-can Stabilizer for UV Metallic Inks

    5. GENOMER* 4217 & 4425PDF, 4 Pages, 290,8 KB

      Cost Effective Urethane Acrylates

    6. ACMOPDF, 2 Pages, 178,5 KB

      Product Flash ACMO

    7. Printed ElectronicsPDF, 4 Pages, 230,8 KB

      Product Flash Printed Electronics

    8. GENOMER* 7287PDF, 6 Pages, 359,7 KB

      UV Curing Matt Coatings 

    9. Reactive Diluents Product LinePDF, 14 Pages, 521,7 KB

      Reactive diluents product line presentation with mechanical properties

Worldwide support for your energy curing systems

RAHN is a premier worldwide supplier of additives, oligomers, monomers, photoinitiators and other customized specialty chemicals. Our products are used in ultraviolet and electron beam cure technologies and are essential components of high performance inks, coatings, adhesives, medical, rapid prototyping and other applications. The range of products are established under the trademarks GENOMER*, GENORAD*, GENOCURE* and GENOPOL* and are widely used industry standards.

Our philosophy

The company’s philosophy is based on a high level of customer support with cutting edge technical data combined with up-to-date health, safety and regulatory information. With two laboratories in Switzerland and the USA, RAHN has the ability to provide local customized solutions and expertise in various application fields.


In the product development and product application areas RAHN supports its clients with more than 30 years of experience in radiation curing.


RAHN’s key offerings are

  • Full range of specialized UV/EB curable products
  • Consistent product quality available worldwide
  • High quality and high purity products
  • Customer focused product development
  • Technical consulting and support
  • Specialized application laboratories
  • Health & safety and logistics support
  • Worldwide network of partnerships
  • Industry expertise, dedicated to energy curing
  • Top class customer service