What is

“Beauty Snacking”?

What is

“Beauty Snacking”?

Beauty Snacking – the food-free, self-care trend.

New year, same office. Many of us continue to work from home …

Have you heard of “Beauty Snacking”? This new skin care trend has arrived just in time. But you’re wrong if you think of delicious, culinary delights.

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While working from home does have some advantages: Bye-bye to a packed train or underground, hello to an extra hour of sleep. On the other hand, let’s face it, the continuous online meetings and lack of connection with colleagues at the office often requires an extra dose of focus and discipline.

Beauty Snacking may provide motivation for a productive and successful workday.

Let’s have a closer look …

Beauty-Snacking adds variety to your daily routine. You can make the most of your breaks by adding small beauty rituals / self-care breaks in the form of “Beauty-Snacks” and giving yourself a moment of joy and relaxation.

As a result, you’ll be ready for the next meeting while also giving your skin a boost.

How Can I ‘Beauty Snack’?

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Lip Care 

Do you have chapped lips? Apply a fast DIY scrub to your lips using brown sugar powder and olive oil. Gently exfoliate the skin and use a lip balm to enhance hydration and soften your lips.

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Eye patches

All that blue light and overworking will have your eyes worked up and black circles forming. Give it the time to be free and cool down.

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Face Mask

Another great treat for pale skin that isn’t getting enough air and sun due to working from home: a rich, moisturising sheet mask.

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Hand cream

Use a cream to keep your hands moisturised and make them smell nice. It can easily improve the health of your skin and leave it soft.

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Face mists

A burst of hydration combined with soothing scents. This is especially useful when your face is in need of a pick-me-up. Choose a product that will make your skin look bouncy, plump, and radiant.

Ready for the next coffee break?



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