25 Years

RAHN USA Corporation

25 Years

RAHN USA Corporation

25 years RAHN USA Corporation

RAHN USA Corporation, Aurora, IL celebrates 25 years of success in April 2023. Founded as a two-person company in 1998 and solely focused on RAHN's Energy Curing business, we are now an established player in the US Radiation Curing market with 14 full time employees. We are also developing our Cosmetics business with three full time employees covering the entire North American market for RAHN-Cosmetic Actives.

We deeply appreciate the support we have had from our US, Canadian, Mexican and South American energy curing customers and distributors over those 25 years. Many strong relationships have been forged as our core values of integrity, honesty, a deep commitment to technical support and customer service have proven of great value to our clients.


We would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest appreciation to everyone who has had connections to RAHN USA over the last 25 years. Your faith in us is never taken for granted and we hope you will continue to trust us with your business and friendship for the next 25 years.

How it all began...

March 1998
RAHN arrived planting the Swiss Flag in our distribution partners' Aurora IL facility where we occupied a small corner of their 32,000sq foot warehouse.

E-mail was in its infancy (fax was mostly used for written communication) and the search engine of choice was ALTA VISTA - now part of Yahoo. GOOGLE also launched in 1998.



April 1998
The first order was processed on April 1st, 1998. April 1st is famous for practical jokes, fortunately this day came to mean something different for RAHN USA.

We attended our first Radtech USA conference and exhibition in Chicago April 19th-22th, 1998. We have been ever present at this industry show increasing our footprint at the exhibition six fold compared to 1998. 

Our first hire on the sales side was Steven Schmitt in 1999, another longtime employee, a Wisconsin native who uprooted his family and moved to Charlotte NC to handle the "eastern region".

The decision to open a lab in Aurora IL was also taken in late 1999.

First visit of Hans Konrad Rahn to check out the fledgling company

Steve Schmitt_400x400.jpg


November 2000
Fortuitously, our distribution partner, Import Logistics Inc. (ILI), had plans for a new building at the same time. They broke ground on November 1st, 2000. The lab became an integral part of the new building design. Werner Joho, our technical director at the time and our general manager, had many design, planning and execution meetings with ILI and their main contractor to get this job done.

September 2001
The new ILI building (now 140,000 square feet) including our lab and new office spacing) was opened in 2001. Sean Des Roches, our lab manager, was hired in March 2001. He moved his family from the East Coast to the Midwest and has been a valuable member of the team ever since.

On September 10th, 2001 RAHN AG CEO Hans-Peter Ammann participated in a ceremony to dedicate a RAHN collection painting to ILI that still adorns the main meeting room today.



Cosmetics began selling our own RAHN-Cosmetic Actives and a few traded products in the USA through RAHN USA Corp., and thereafter hired a Cosmetics sales representative.

To increase the market penetration, Cosmetics moved away from having one single salesperson and started a collaboration with an agent covering the entire USA. RAHN USA's infrastructure such as customer service and warehousing were still operationally used.



Ana Patricia Rahn Erden, Majority shareholder of RAHN AG,  and Pierre Jaccoud, Member of the Board of Directors of RAHN AG, visited RAHN USA in the year that the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted, which delayed their return. This unplanned event provided another great opportunity to explore the fantastic city of Chicago.

2015 - 2022
Photoinitiator shortages caused by China's more aggressive approach to environmental problems and the recent COVID crisis have hit the photoinitiator industry hard from 2015 to 2022. However, RAHN USA coped remarkably well by using its strengths in supply chain and logistics, but not without making huge efforts to support this critical business sector.


cosmetic services - 5 employees of RAHN stand behind a booth desk of the Beauty Accelerate 2022

After a period of 10 years working with an agent, we finally transitioned Cosmetics USA to our own team, which consists of three sales representatives. The business is still developing and should breach $2M sales in 2023.

Michael Gould, RAHN USA Corporation's Technical Key Account Manager, assumed the Radtech group's presidency for a two-year term starting January 2023.

Michael Gould_400x400.jpg

Our 25 Years Celebration in Chicago

What do our employees say?



" What I like most about my job is how there are different challenges every day. No two projects are ever the same, so it keeps the work fresh. Also, the size and family-owned nature of the business makes it much more palatable to a large corporation


Sean Des Roches, Head of US Lab EnergyCuring
works at RAHN since 2001


" I decided to work at RAHN because...it was like love at first sight...or should I say love at first interview? The moment I stepped into the building and met my interviewers, I just knew it was the perfect fit for me. And now, many years later,  I'm still here and I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this amazing company and to have grown alongside it.


Andrea Müller, Supply Chain Management EnergyCuring
works at RAHN since 1995




" A core memory of mine was hopping on a plane to Switzerland on my first day of work. Who gets to do that on their first day of work? I was so excited to visit RAHN AG in Switzerland and meet my new overseas colleagues.


Melissa Padua,
Head of Sales Cosmetics RAHN USA Cosmetics

works at RAHN since 2019


" We have such a great team at RAHN…my wonderful colleagues in the US and EU are the biggest reason why I hope to work here until I retire.


Jeff Mockaitis,
Senior Technical Sales Manager EnergyCuring

works at RAHN since 2006


Sue Howell_400x400.jpg


" My core memory is going to Switzerland for the 1st time. Listening to Mr. Lundstram making a speech to upper management. I was so proud to work for RAHN USA at that very moment.


Susan Howell, Customer Service EnergyCuring
works at RAHN since 2003

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Melissa Padua

Melissa Padua

Head of Sales RAHN USA Cosmetics


Steve Lundstram

Steve Lundstram

General Manager RAHN USA Corp.