RAHN wishes you

happy holidays

RAHN wishes you

happy holidays

As we approach the end of the year, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers and partners for their loyalty and the trustful partnerships. In 2023, the whole world faced a challenging economic climate characterized by high inflation and rising interest rates - and so did we.

Despite these adverse external conditions, the EnergyCuring division had a remarkable year, with the inauguration of a brand-new 3D printing applications laboratory at RadLab and the definition of its sustainability strategy and roadmap. The year also saw the launch of the innovative bio-renewable oligomers GENOMER* 3135 and other promising products. All this underlines RAHN's continued efforts and commitment to support our customers.

The Cosmetics division was generally less directly affected by global economic conditions. At the in-cosmetics Global event in Barcelona, RAHN-Cosmetics celebrated the successful launch and deployment of the RAHN-Cosmetic Actives brand. In addition, the launch of two new award-winning RAHN-Cosmetic Actives products, PERFELINE®-FIT and HAIRVIVINE®-PRO, demonstrates our commitment to innovation and RAHN's contribution to the cosmetics industry. More products are in the pipeline to be finalized for launch in 2024.

In addition, the establishment of a distribution partnership with ELEMENTIS and Laboratoires ERIGER has further broadened our portfolio and strengthened our position in key markets.

Another highlight for the RAHN-Group in 2023 is the successful implementation of a cutting-edge CRM system. This technological advance will allow us to streamline our processes and to interact more efficiently and effectively with our customers. We are also in the process of upgrading our ERP system to the latest major release, signalling our continued commitment to leveraging technology for operational excellence.

Last but not least, 2023 marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of RAHN USA Corp. This anniversary allowed us to meet with business partners and customers to celebrate and thank them for how much we have accomplished together over these 25 years.

As 2024 approaches, we are confident that the RAHN-Group will continue its path of solid growth. In fact, our continued investment in key markets and applications will enable us to better support and serve our valued customers. On behalf of the entire RAHN-Group, we wish you and your loved ones a happy Christmas holiday and a great start to the New Year.


Best regards,

Xavier Marguerettaz
CEO, Vice President EnergyCuring

How do you celebrate Christmas?


" I celebrate Christmas comfortably without much effort but with my big family. My aunts, cousins and their children are also there. Of course, the best part is seeing the children's eyes light up when they open their presents.


Lea Gregori
Technical Sales Manager Cosmetics


" I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family on 24th of December. Very traditional, with a nice dinner and little gifts… and in the best case
in a snow-white landscape! 


Roman Ott
Head of Application Laboratory Cosmetics

" Christmas is a very special time for me to celebrate with family, relaxing and to be fully recharge and ready to help my customers in the New Year.


Alexander Thrift
Technical Sales Manager EnergyCuring



" Cosy with my family and loved ones, presents and good food! 


Michela Marino
Head of Human Resources & Payroll


What was a success for you/your team this year?


" This year, we achieved two impressive milestones. Firstly, we launched the new and very well thought-out RAHN-Cosmetic Active brand, and secondly, we entered an important partnership with the supplier ELEMENTIS, which we are very proud of. The teams have worked hand in hand and did just fantastic – well done! 


René Guldimann
Vice President Cosmetics


" PERFELINE®-FIT won two in-cosmetic Awards! Silver in Korea and Bronze in Bangkok.


Stefan Hettwer
Senior R&D Manager Skin Care RAHN-Cosmetic Actives


" It was a challenging year for all of us, but we made the best of it. The teams and I are motivated to proudly represent RAHN and RAHN-Cosmetic Actives again in 2024. 


Matthias Eglin
Head of Sales Europe Cosmetics

" In 2023, we have completed our team with fantastic new additions and outstanding existing team members. We look forward to delivering the familiar RAHN Excellence as a strengthened Operations Team in the coming year. 


Pia Zaugg
Head of Customer Service Cosmetics


What was your highlight in 2023?


" Simple but true - I've been blessed to have spent time with so many good people: helpful new neighbors, supportive colleagues, interesting customers, old friends, loving family, and cuddly animals.


Alissa Frontauria
Technical Sales Manager Cosmetics


" My highlight of 2023 was traveling to Switzerland for our Global Sales Meeting. It was an incredible experience to visit again and bond with my global sales colleagues.


Melissa Padua
Head of Sales RAHN USA Cosmetics

" Seeing my kid and dog raising and maturing in a very good way.


Gerald Grammig
Distributor Manager International Sales EnergyCuring

Gerald-Grammig 400x400.jpg


" My personal highlight was starting to work for RAHN! 


Julia Schnäbele
Head of Supply Chain Management ENC


What does Christmas mean to you?


" Christmas, to me, is all about family. Reconnecting with extended family of my mom, sister, my in-laws and the nieces and nephews and staying in pajamas with my wife and kids on Christmas day to open presents, laugh and play games, and to enjoy one another. It is taking a break from the normal to remember what is most important and to spend time together. 


Jeff Mockaitis
Senior Technical Sales Manager EnergyCuring USA

" For me, Christmas signifies a time of family, a precious period that I cherish with my two children. When I wake up on December 24th, I take a moment to write a sincere letter to them, reflecting on the past year and cherishing the delightful end enjoyable moments filled with laughter that we shared together.. Witnessing the positive changes in our lives fills me with intensive gratitude.

My son, with a playful smile, remarks each year: "Looks like I've got some serious reading ahead ;-)"  


Daniela Guldimann
Head of Marketing Cosmetics



" It's a moment to calm down, taking time to reflect on the year and looking forward to the next year, while spending time with my loved ones.


Sjoerd Romkes
Commercial Director EnergyCuring,
Member of the Executive Management


" For me, Christmas means watching the Cinderella story with a cup of hot chocolate and spending time with my loved ones. 


Jasmin Schaad
Head of Supplier Management Cosmetics

" Christmas means baking cookies, meeting family and friends, enjoying the snow and coming back to a warm home.


Gabriela Schuler
Senior Technical Sales Manager Cosmetics

Gabriela Schuler_400x400.jpg

" For me, Christmas is a time to commemorate the birth of Jesus, who is considered the Son of God and the savior of humanity. 


Detlef Seidel
Manager Safety & Regulatory Affairs Cosmetics



" It's THE magic time of the year, a bubble where we "lock ourselves in with family", where we go into "only happiness" mode: decorating the house, cooking, sharing time together... sparkles everywhere. 


Sylvie Baduel
Direction RAHN France

What do you wish for in 2024?


" For 2024, I wish to grow and strengthen existing partnerships, expand into new accounts/territories, and continue making RAHN the go-to brand for trusted, clinically proven actives with excellent Swiss quality and service. 


Rachel Ross
Technical Sales Manager Cosmetics

Ardiana_Zan 400x400.jpg

" In the coming year, I wish for moments of growth, joy and fulfilment in both personal and work aspects of life. May it be a time of learning, positive experiences, and meaningful connections. 


Ardiana Zan
Product Manager Cosmetics

" I wish for the best of success to RAHN with beautiful and innovative projects but also a lot of happiness and cheerful moments with my colleagues and loved ones.


Mariem Aïdoudi
Product Information Expert Cosmetics


" My wish for 2024 is that we can continue to inspire our customers with our RAHN-Cosmetic Actives and continue to celebrate great successes. 


Sandra Peyer
Expert Regulatory Affairs Cosmetic Actives


RAHN support 2023

RAHN Foundation

Throughout the year, we support various social institutions through the RAHN Foundation. 



Rahn Kulturfond

The Rahn Kulturfonds promote and award outstanding students of Swiss music academies.




As in the last three years, we will be supporting the Swiss project "there-for-trees" with a donation. "there-for-trees" combines reforestation with school education on the subject of climate change.

The “there-for-trees” project helps school pupils in Switzerland develop their own tree-planting campaigns so they can put the right trees in the ground in the right places in their region. By running their own campaigns, pupils gain a better understanding of issues such as climate change, ecosystems, forests, biodiversity and sustainability.


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Monika Kamm

Monika Kamm

Assistant to the Executive Management