The mushroom family from the magical Northern lights

Under the magical light of the aurora borealis


They live in the boreal taiga forests of the northern hemisphere under the magical light of the aurora borealis

For DEFENSIL®-SOFT, we use mushrooms from Finland, a Nordic country which is sparsely populated and known for its intact nature and clean air.

You could call Albatrellus mushrooms "the guardians of the forest" as they are so-called mycorrhizal fungi that grow in tight association with the roots of trees. They spread their mycelium like a neuronal network into the soil. Hundreds of sensory connections with tree roots measure humidity and increase the accessibility for water and minerals for the trees. In return, Albatrellus mushrooms receive glucose generated during the photosynthesis of the trees for their own growth.
A perfect symbiosis in an intact environment.

Like all fungi, Albatrellus mushrooms are highly specialised metabolic factories and so it is not surprising that they already have produced the answer for sensitive skin: An especially high content of grifolin derivatives makes them the source for a powerful neurocosmetic skin soothing agent

Grifolin directly inhibits the TRPV1 receptor and the 5-HT2 serotonin receptors in the peripheral nerve tips in skin. While TRPV1 is a sensor of irritating conditions, the serotonin receptors lower the activation threshold of the TRPV1 receptors, promoting sensitive skin.

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