Bulbine frutescens

the beauty from South Africa's dry valleys

Indestructable and gorgeous


What a beauty in the South African dry valleys:
Bulbine frutescens, the small, perennial plant that is almost indestructible. It even survives the pressing process to extract the valuable juice from its leaves. After the torture, it can be replanted again on the field of the farm and recovers easily. 

The pressed juice from the fleshy leaves contains ingredients that have been known to the locals for centuries. They use the plant to treat burns and insect bites. In fact, the juice immediately soothes the skin and supports wound healing. We tried it out and were immediately convinced.

One of the reasons for this activity is the acetylated polymannose, which occurs in a similar form in Aloe vera.

For LIFTONIN®-XPERT ECO we make use of the collagen-promoting properties of this small plant. The plant sap particularly increases the synthesis of "baby" collagen - "Collagen III". This form of collagen gets lost most rapidly during ageing what is one of the reasons for premature skin ageing.



Applying Bulbine frutescens leaf juice to the skin result in a cleverly balanced collagen synthesis that leads to youthful skin. As a dermal specialist, LIFTONIN®-XPERT ECO will reduce stretch marks and helps wherever the dermis needs fresh collagen.

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