Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca

Power seeds from the humble pumpkin

Sometimes, the most exotic is hidden in home gardens


The power package from the humble pumpkin is REFORCYL®-AION's secret to rejuvenated and purified skin cells.  Among the 850 different species of pumpkins, Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca  stands out with its unique shell-free pumpkin seeds.

This natural mutation occurred in the heart of Europe, in geographically protected region of Styria, Austria, is the major hallmark of this special berry. The carefully selected pumpkin seeds sourced from organic traditional cultivation on family run farms are sensitively processed to produce the premium quality pumpkin oil. 

The press cake remaining after oil production, which contains rich cocktail on free amino acids, polyamines (spermidine and spermine), polyphenols, various proteins and carbohydrates, contributes to perfect resource management and a circular economy. 
Those powerful ingredients are able to activate the autophagy, the ultimate upcycling and cleaning process for ageing cells.

Clean, rejuvenated and activated skin cells improve overall skin appearance, gender and aged independently. 

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