Circular Kindness

yourself, the community and the planet

Circular Kindness

yourself, the community and the planet


Discover circular kindness….

Circular Kindness is the trend that governs consumers’ need for hair and skin solutions that respond to external and internal stressors. Kindness goes in three directions:

1. Kindness to yourself, where you address your need for physical and emotional support

2. Kindness to others, where you play a part in supporting the local and wider community through your purchases and brand support

3. Kindness to the planet, where you own behaviours help to minimise your impact on the planet, and thus indirectly support the community

How circular kindness will impact beauty products?

A new generation of skin and hair products will draw deeply on new raw materials sourced both from nature and the laboratory, with a strong focus upcycled vegetables and natural-identical lab grown ingredients. 

They will be selected for their ability to improve skin and hair health, with an increased research into the link between microbioma and wellness, while building self esteem and wellbeing. Sustainable principles will underpin all these developments, with ethically sourced, waste-inimising formulations with a particular attention on water savings and rewarding of overseas communities and suppliers.


An example on how RAHN-Cosmetic Actives match the principles of circular kindness


Is our water-based extract derived from the seeds of the Styrian pumpkin Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca. It contains valuable nutrients in the form of amino acids and carbohydrates that support the physiological functioning of hair follicles.

There are many other RAHN-Cosmetic Actives that are matching the principles of circular kindness in our portfolio like DEFENSIL®-PURE ECOLIFTONIN®-XPERT ECO , MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCEPERFELINE®-FIT and REFORCYL®-AION.


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