Cosmetic concept for Mature Skin

Generation 55+

RAHN has studied the communication to generation 55+ 

a very interesting target group


Population growth

Due to higher life expectancy and lower birth rates the percentage of 55+ people is still growing. In 2050, two of every 3 people in developed societies will be aged 55+.

In 2050, two of every three people in developed societies will be aged 55+.

Consumption power

The 55+ generation saved, earned and inherited. In Germany for example, according to their net total assets, the 55+ are better off than the younger ones. And they spend their money, too.

Social changes

The generation 55+ feels 10 – 15 years younger than their real age and has developed a new attitude: from the withdrawal into retirement and “invisibility“ of former generations towards an active life full of possibilities.



The study results were transferred into two beauty concepts. Learn more about those concepts with REFORCYL®, a plant based active ingredient which was specifically developed to supply the skin of generation 55+ with new resistance.


REFORCYL-Silver Ageing


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