Don't worry

about dandruff

Who is affected by dandruff?

It's a global problem.


It occurs in over 50 % of the adult population worldwide, regardless of gender and race. People affected by dandruff often feel like outsiders. Bad hygiene being wrongly linked to the condition, dark clothing covered in white flakes, an embarrassing but irresistible urge to scratch the scalp – all in all the social and psychological side-effects of dandruff are neither pleasant nor insignificant and can seriously knock one's self-confidence. 

The interest in scalp health and care is currently on the rise, particularly in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, where hair is considered to be a very important part of identity and community. As such, the APAC region is also the worldwide leader in haircare launches related to scalp disorders.

The affected populations are concentrated in the southern countries, with India being far ahead as 74% of Indian consumers experience scalp disorders [Mintel 2022]. Of all skin disorders, dandruff is the biggest challenge for the Indian population [Statista. 2022].




The vicious circle of dandruff  

Even if the ethiology of dandruff is still highly disputed, studies have shown three major causes with probable interdependency:

Excessive sebum production creating a breeding ground for Malassezia furfur, a commensal yeast, and host predisposition.

The interplay of these factors results in an inflammatory process and unpleasant symptoms including flaking, scratching and itching.
Eventually, the physical state of the condition gives rise to issues such as emotional stress, lack of self-confidence and social embarrassment.

PROTEOLEA® breaks the vicious circle of dandruff

PROTEOLEA® is a fine-tuned blend of multifunctional plant extracts from olive leaves, jujube and sugar cane.

It inhibits the growth of Malassezia furfur and breaks the vicious circle of dandruff.

Clinical studies on Indian  and European volunteers have shown that PROTEOLEA® has a long lasting anti-dandruff effect and reduces associated symptoms such as scratching, itching and flaking.

Furthermore, it rebalances sebum production to a normal level and improves the condition of oily scalp.



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