Digital Pollution

Have you every thought about the #DigitalSkinStress?


We need to protect our skin from the impact of high-energy solar radiation. There is no question that a good sun protection should form part of our essential cosmetics.

But have you ever thought about the #DigitalSkinStress for which we can thank our modern, networked, digital lifestyle? Even though research here is still only in the early stages, we already know that the blue light from electronic devices or WiFi radiation can create radicals in the skin, and thus trigger oxidativestress.

Don’t forget this – and protect your skin against digital pollution with CELLIGENT®, MYRAMAZE®, PROTEOLEA® or RADICARE®-GOLD 


It is well understood that we need to protect our skin from the impact of high-energy solar radiation. We all know that UV-B and UV-A radiation can damage DNA and proteins, leading to accelerated skin ageing.

More attention is being paid to the contribution visible light makes to skin ageing. The most deleterious fraction of visible light is so-called „high energy visible light“ (HEV) or blue light, flanking the UV spectrum. Although most blue light is contained in daylight, typical artificial emitters of blue light are lamps and the screens of laptops, tablets and smart phones. 

The irradiation of skin with blue light increases the reactive oxygen species (ROS) load of the cells, resulting in oxidative stress. 

As a consequence, cells lose their capability to cope with other all-day impacts that drive premature skin ageing, which is associated with symptoms like hyperpigmentation, wrinkle formation and loss of elasticity and firmness. 

Adequate protection against UV and HEV radiation should be part of any modern skin care product. RAHN recommends the use of active ingredients, which are dedicated to increasing the skin’s tolerance to oxidative stress, and has tested a selection of four RAHN-Cosmetic Actives for their blue light protection index.

Our RAHN skin guards against light stress


UV / HEV protection officer for DNA, cell and stem cell
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Cell membrane safety guard for stressed, fragile skin
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Cellular recycling manager for skin rejuvenation of 6 year
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Digital era skin guardian for improved barrier resistance
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RCA digital pollution leaflet


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