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Discover the secret of epidermal moisture


  • Deeply effective and long-lasting improvement to skin hydration
  • Visible improvement of flaky skin
  • Better hydration effect than that of glycerin or hyaluronic acid

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Discover the secret of the essential cell boost factor


  • Increases viability of keratinocytes
  • Improves cell cohesion
  • Promotes ECM integrity
  • Provides rapid effects with regard to skin elasticity and firmness

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Discover the secret of postbiotic skin care for sensitive skin


  • Immediately regenerates the skin after a single application
  • Increases skin hydration by 142 %
  • Strengthens the skin barrier by 79 %
  • Improves the appearance of atopic skin
  • Promotes a healthy skin microbiota
  • Reduces inflammatory reactions

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Discover the secret of relieving inflamed skin


  • Improves quality of life for people with atopic skin
  • Corrects the characteristics of couperose
  • Protects and regenerates damaged skin barrier
  • Soothes the skin after mosquito bites
  • Soothes the skin after shaving and epilation

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Discover the secret of helping your skin chill out


  • Reduces neurogenic inflammation
  • Reduces skin discomfort by up to 100 % within minutes
  • Increases the overall tolerance of the skin to irritants
  • Protects normal and sensitive skin against IR-related stress
  • Reduces the microcirculation (by 135 %) and skin reddening (by 90 %)
  • Prevents sensitisation of the TRPV1 receptor by blocking serotonin receptors

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Discover the secret of holistic skin harmony


  • Has superior lifting effects 
  • Strengthens the dermis by 32 % 
  • Increases elasticity by 16 % 
  • Improves skin texture by 19 % and provides a more positive facial expression 
  • Reduces the effects of epigenetic stress 

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Discover the secret of wellbeing for stressed skin


  • Regenerates dry atopic skin within days
  • Reduces severe skin reddening
  • Increases the skin barrier strength by 19 %
  • Increases skin hydration by 32 %
  • Instantly moisturises dry skin for more than 2 days

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Discover the secret of making your skin shine with all your senses


  • Instantly creates a positive mood
  • Optimises skin hydration by up to 75 % 
  • Instantly improves the skin barrier
  • Improves radiance by 46 %
  • Improves elasticity by 10 %
  • Visible lip plumping and wrinkle reduction

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Discover the secret of vascular fitness for eyes and body


  • Reduces the visibility of spiderveins by 19 %
  • Reduces eye bag volume by 25 %
  • Reduces red spots by 15 %
  • Reduces microcirculation by 19 %

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Discover the secret of natural radical protection


  • Refills the strained carotenoid depot
  • Strengthens the skin barrier by 68 %
  • Increases skin elasticity by 48 %
  • Protects against WiFi-induced ROS stress by 73 %
  • Protects against blue light-induced ROS stress by 42 %

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Discover the secret of a sevenfold effect against skin ageing


  • Provides the glue to seal the epidermal barrier
  • Improves skin hydration, firmness, elasticity and smoothness
  • Visibly improves wrinkle depth in eye area
  • Perceivably improves the condition of mature skin

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Discover the secret of powering up your skin


  • Improved overall subjective perception of the skin
  • 100 % of the user report more nourished skin
  • Gender specific sebum regulation
  • Improved skin moisture up to 23 %
  • Improved skin elasticity by 13 %
  • Less skin flaking by 16 %

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Discover the secret of pure skin with optimal microflora


  • Reduces signs of acne by 41 %
  • Regulates the skin microbiome
  • Reduces axillary sweat odour by 32 %
  • Creates an even, youthful skin texture by 42 %

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Discover the secret of improved hairchitecture


  • Improves hair structure
  • Prevents formation of split ends
  • Improves hair gloss
  • Improves tensile strength
  • Effective hair care for animals

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Discover the secret of the essential cell boost factor

  • Serves as a serum for hair follicles
  • Improves the quality of damaged hair (leave-on and rinse-off)
  • Has an anti-static effect
  • Improves cell cohesion
  • Promotes ECM integrity

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Discover the secret of en’hair’gising


  • Improves density of hair by 14.5 %
  • Reduces hair loss by 32 %
  • Enhances eyelash and eyebrow length and volume
  • Improves numerous hair parameters

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Discover the secret of urban stress prevention


  • Protects hair keratin against oxidation
  • Improves hair integrity
  • Maintains gloss in bleached and chlorine-stressed hair
  • Boosts colouration effects of semiand demi-permanent dyes

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RAHN always strives to deliver the highest quality for its customers.
Cosmetic actives from the House of RAHN are effective, sustainable, traceable, carbon neutral and combine technology and nature in its best. 


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