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Lip care - is there a demand for it?

Lip care is often something that is largely neglected. To dry lips, a lip balm is often applied. A mixture of  oils and waxes is often used in this case to prevent increased transepidermal water loss from the lips and make them supple. However, it tends to be overlooked that this is only something that helps alleviate the symptoms but does not address the cause of dry lips. The result is that it is possible to become “addicted” to the use of such products, i.e. the care stick must be used more and more frequently so that the lips do not dry out even faster.

According to an internal survey, women use a lip care product on average 10 times a week with a maximum application frequency of up to 28 times each week – in other words, 4 times a day. The survey further revealed that coloured lipstick is used up to twice a day (on average 3 times a week). Accordingly, there is a very high need for a product that combines care effects with a coloured lipstick (79 % of respondents).



Plump, hydrated lips make us feel more attractive

Furthermore, our internal survey reveals that when it comes to the external appearance of the lips, 83 % of women think that dry lips make the mouth look older or less attractive - and as many as 96 % think that wrinkles on the lips make the mouth look older. Moderately padded lips make the mouth look more attractive according to 78 % of respondents, while as many as 47 % think that plumper lips are even better kissers.

It is clear from the survey that lip care is a very emotive topic and that the inclusion of lip care agents in coloured cosmetics is very desirable. This is reflected by the results of a Mintel survey (2022), which found that 61 % of the Chinese women surveyed used coloured lipsticks with nourishing ingredients and that a moisturising effect in lipstick was important for 42 % of the Indian women surveyed. Up to 40 % of facial care product consumers in the U.S. use lip balm at home.



MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE makes our lips bloom again

MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE is obtained by means of supercritical CO2 extraction of Myrothamnus flabellifolia, the South African resurrection bush. A unique protection mechanism helps this plant to dry out completely in a drought and only to come back to life as a green, living bush when the first raindrops fall. Due to its oily character, MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE is especially suitable for lip care. Clinical studies have shown that it intensively moisturises the lips, strengthens the skin barrier and increases the skin's elasticity for a perfect, natural lip plumping.

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