Innovation prize for LIFTONIN®-QI

Innovation prize for LIFTONIN®-QI

RAHN‘s LIFTONIN®-QI was awarded with the BSB Innovation Prize in the category
„most innovative raw material“ (2. Prize).


About the Award

The aims of the award are
- to promote the global dissemination of up-to-date knowledge.
- Alignment of a compitition in a most objective, fair, independent and for the participating companys cost-  free way.
The origin of the products do not matter (eg big or small company, country, ...).

LIFTONIN®-QI - resolves epigenetic dissonance and brings the skin back into harmony

cosmetic actives trends - slide of a power point presentation on Liftonin-QI explaining the epigenetic dissonance

LIFTONIN®-QI – For a skin in harmony and balance

In a Nutshell

Inspired by
 the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine on studies about reprogramming pluripotent stem cells (epigenetics)

Natural ingredients Extract from the number 1 Chinese TCM remedy – the mushroom of the gods and longevity: Ganoderma lucidum

Optimal quality
of ingredients and production: LIFTONIN®-QI is manufactured by experts according to the highest quality standards





In the skin care sector

  • Lifting products, remodelling care
  • Anti-ageing products against expression lines and to improve the complexion
  • Products designed to reinforce the skin barrier

In the well-being sector

  • For positively radiant skin

LIFTONIN®-QI relieves epigenetic stress and re-programs the skin for youthfulness.

cosmetic actives trends - young asian woman wearing headphones and a yellow sweater

Click here  to get to the LIFTONIN®-QI site and download more documents.


LIFTONIN-QI Presentation

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