LIFTONIN® provides alabaster-like flawless skin

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Alabaster is the finest and most delicate stone for creating sculptures.

Women of the baroque period were striving for alabaster-like skin as it was considered as a beauty ideal and as a synonym for even, flawless, radiant skin with a velvety look.

According to recent findings RAHN’s LIFTONIN® provides alabaster-like skin. The active ingredient combines astringent tannic acid from oak gallnuts and a millet extract (Panicum miliaceum), which is rich in bioavailable botanical silicon derivatives such as orthosilicic acid.

In several new in-vitro studies RAHN has investigated LIFTONIN®‘s properties to reinforce the dermal fibre network as prerequisite for alabaster-like skin. According to new in-vivo data the active ingredient improves skin texture and structure and provides a more even complexion and improved radiance. If applied on Asian skin which is very susceptible to an impaired skin complexion due to the development of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation LIFTONIN® leads to a more even skin tone.

LIFTONIN® is not only suitable for anti-ageing products, but also for nail care: After 4 months of application the silicon content in fingernails increases by 183 %.

Scientifically proven effects

  • Increases the collagen production (in-vitro study)

  • Re-enforces the collagen matrix (in-vitro study)

  • Maintains fibroblast function (in-vitro study)

  • Increases the silicon content in fingernails (in-vivo study)

  • Rejuvenates the skin’s microstructure (in-vivo study)

  • Provides flawless radiant complexion, even texture and youthful appearance (in-vivo study)

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LIFTONIN Age Reverse Serum

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