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Your plan to brighten up winter skin

Many of us living in cold weather climates suffer from complexions that can be best described as “winter-weary”: dull, rough, sensitive and extremely dry. It can cause cracked lips and heels, as well as flaky and red skin on the face and body. Why does this happen? It can be due to multiple reasons: drier weather, artificial air from heaters or extra stress around the holidays.

When the temperature drops, our glands produce less sebum – or even stop producing it. The natural skin protective barrier is compromised or lost. Without this oily film, water evaporates faster from the skin’s surface. Skincare in winter should therefore provide moisture and have a higher lipid content. Effects can manifest themselves in the form of redness, rosacea, eczema and dermatitis. And for many people, inflammation means skin that can be itchy, sensitive, red and uncomfortable.

One of the most common forms of dermatitis during this time is perioral dermatitis, which appears as patches of tiny red bumps around the mouth. It can range from mild to severe and is sometimes triggered by the use of extra heavy moisturisers during this time.

Moving to a warmer climate is (obviously) not an option for most of us, but we can employ simple, hydrating, anti-inflammatory strategies to help brighten up our skin and restore its glow. The solution to skin inflammation may focus on a 'less is more' approach. Excessive use of skin care products is a recipe for disaster for those suffering from inflamed skin, as are exfoliating regimes that can increase and aggravate this problem.

Here are our favourite anti-inflammatory skincare products to use this winter!

Aloe Vera

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants are all found in aloe vera. These soothing ingredients calm, hydrate and moisturise the skin while preventing trans- epidermal water loss.

"For pure soothing and moisture power"

Aloe vera, in addition to its moisturising effects, is a powerful anti-inflammatory capable of soothing the skin with a mixture of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote healing. Aloe vera, as a humectant, assists in the healing of the skin barrier and the retention of moisture in the dermis.

Our portfolio offers a wide range of qualities and concentrations.

Rahn cosmetic news - pieces of the aloe vera plant

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Recommended use level: 1 – 3%
INCI PCPC: Water, Panicum Miliaceum (Millet) Seed Extract, Lactobacillus Ferment, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

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Very dry atopic skin constantly suffers from physical damage and a weakened skin barrier. This opens the door to undesired bacteria entering deeper layers of the stratum corneum and releasing toxins. These toxins can activate the inflammasome, leading to severe inflammation and cell death.

"A postbiotic ferment from gold millet cares for sensitive skin and atopic eczema"

DEFENSIL®-PURE unlocks the secret of postbiotic skin microbiota management with the help of an organic gold millet ferment obtained by high-tech fermentation. It naturally balances the skin microbiota, strengthens the skin barrier and moisturises particularly dry skin. Furthermore, it improves the complexion and counteracts atopic eczema.

Eldew® PS-203R*

Eldew® is an emollient derived from glutamic acid, natural fatty acids, higher alcohol and phytosterol. It is beneficial to skin damage rehabilitation. It creates lamellar liquid crystals in the same way that type III ceramides do in a model composition of skin intercellular lipids.

"An amino acid derivative that functions in a similar way to ceramides and helps maintain healthy skin"

Because of its high affinity for the skin, Eldew® starts to moisturise effectively as soon as it is applied. Furthermore, this efficacy persists over long periods of time. Applied to dry and unhealthy skin, Eldew® helps skin recover its ability to retain moisture, thus improving rough skin conditions.

Rahn cosmetic news - young woman holding her hand to her face, she is smiling and has her eyes closed *only available for our customers in: AT, CH, DE, IE and UK

Recommended use level: 0.1 – 0.5 %
INCI PCPC: Phytosteryl/Octyldodecyl Lauroyl Glutamate

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LI-QI quadratisch.jpg

Recommended use level: 5 %
INCI PCPC: Propanediol, Water, Ganoderma Lucidum (Mushroom) Stem Extract, Citric Acid

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Psoriasis is a multi-factorial skin disease for which even today there is still no cure. An imbalance of skin microbiota and incorrect programming of the cells can cause or aggravate an already psoriatic skin condition, leading to the development of extremely dry, inflamed and scaly skin. This results in discomfort and leaves the skin looking unsightly.

"A medical mushroom soothes
psoriatic, inflamed skin"

LIFTONIN®-QI unlocks the secret of tackling the root cause of psoriasis by restoring balance in the skin’s epigenetic programming and strengthening beneficial skin microbiota. Clinical studies have shown that LIFTONIN®-QI significantly increases skin hydration in very dry psoriatic skin. It reduces scaling, perceptibly eases itching and skin reddening and it soothes the skin, leaving a pleasant texture. 

LIFTONIN®-QI is a water-based extract of the fungus Ganoderma lucidum, an ingredient that has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Sytenol® A*

Bakuchiol has been used for many years as a skincare ingredient for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant purposes.

"The true alternative to Retinol"

Although it does not imitate the chemical structure of retinol, it produces a quite similar effect on the skin. This is because it stimulates the retinoid receptors in the dermis that are responsible for the manufacture of collagen type 1.

In addition to this, it promotes the synthesis of cells in the epidermis, which results in a smooth surface and produces the same effects as retinol without causing irritation.

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*only available for our customers in: AT, CH, FR and UK

Recommended use level: 0.5 – 1.0 %
INCI PCPC: Bakuchiol

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Recommended use level: 1 – 5 %
INCI PCPC: Water/Aqua; Glycerin; Lecithin; Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate; Calendula Officinalis Extract; Lonicera Caprifolium Flower Extract; Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract; Benzyl Alcohol; Benzoic Acid; Dehydroacetic Acid

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ROVISOME® Sensitive NG*

ROVISOME® Sensitive NG is a soothing agent. It uses the power of the ROVISOME® NG delivery system technology to transport calendula and liquorice extracts to the deeper skin layers where they act to soothe the skin at a more fundamental level.

"Designed to help reduce the visible and non-visible signs of skin irritation"

Both ingredients are well known for their soothing properties and target inflammatory skin conditions:

The natural power of calendula includes healing benefits which can be attributed to the high level of faradiol esters and carotenoids.

Liquorice root extract is rich in anti-inflammatory triterpenes and flavonoids which can help soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Benefits at a glance:

  • The natural power of calendula and liquorice root extract help to soothe the skin.
  • Provides the skin with anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Reduces redness caused by cosmetic ingredients such as retinol.
  • Enhances bioavailability in the skin.

γ-MAX and γ-Oligo

PGA stands for polyglutamic acid. It is a novel, water-soluble peptide that is produced by fermentation and occurs naturally in our bodies.

It has amazing hydrating properties and water-retaining capabilities. Furthermore, PGA has brilliant skin-sealing qualities, allowing your skin to retain its moisture for much longer than usual – like a shield.

"The PGA hydration shield for pleasant soothing of atopic dermatitis"

The combined application of both PGAs calms irritated skin and significantly improves the SCORAD (SCORing Atopic Dermatitis) rating thanks to their hydrating, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Recommended use level: 0.05 – 1.0 %
INCI Gamma-MAX: Sodium Polyglutamate or Natto Gum
INCI Gamma-Oglio: Potassium Hydrolysed Polygamma-Glutamate or Natto Gum

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Product page Gamma-Oligo: click here
Concept presentation: The PGA Hydration Shield
Formulation Data Sheet: Gamma-MAX
Formulation Data Sheet: Gamma-Oligo

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Eldew® PS-203R

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