Instant Beauty

Skincare with visible instantaneous effects

Instant Beauty

Skincare with visible instantaneous effects

Skincare with visible instantaneous effects sounds extremely tempting,
doesn’t it?

Life in general has become more fast-paced again and we are looking for ways to squeeze just a bit more time out of the day. Time is becoming increasingly valuable in our multitasking life, prompting people to seek out products that provide real-time and instant results.

Instant Beauty is thus a trend that is particularly noticeable among people who are always on the go. In order to meet their needs, they seek out products that may serve multiple purposes. These products should provide quick results, energizing your skin and making it more radiant, toned, and smooth prior to any important meeting. Instant results also inspire customers to use the product more regularly

Customers who want results right away frequently experiment on their own with different combinations of cosmetic products in an effort to achieve the desired effect more quickly. Such Instant Beauty practices, however, are not always effective. Applied to your skin right after care cosmetics, colour cosmetics will not give the desired result; quite the contrary, they may have a poor impact on your skin. Applying different products layer after layer, before the previous one has been absorbed, may clog up your pores.

The instant effects mission is simple: it is about translating these consumer desires into reality using suitable & efficient active ingredients and sensory & visual modifier ingredients, which deliver on both look and feel by providing a natural, healthy, and radiant appearance

Are you able to relate? If that's the case, you absolutely need to get your hands on these products...

1. For instant pore minimizing: Amihope® LL*

Amihope® LL is a texture modifier based on amino acids.
It’s a fine organic natural powder made from L-Lysine and coconut fatty acid. As it is hardly soluble in water or organic solvents, it can be utilized as a powdered texture modifier in a variety of cosmetic applications. As a small molecular organic compound based on fatty acid, it gives the skin a soft and silky feel while also providing outstanding emolliency. The flat and hexagonal structures of the particles allow for great skin adhesion, resulting in long-lasting and instant effects.

According to studies, Amihope® LL has excellent skin adherence and provides instantaneous pore covering. It has a matte, non-shimmering finish, increases spreadability, and reduces skin stickiness.

Additionally, it delivers a very smooth, soft, and silky feel, making it an ideal ingredient in a variety of cosmetic products.

Rahn cosmetic news - woman holding two pink sponges against her cheeks, only the sponges and her lips are visible *only available for our customers in: AT, CH, DE, IE and UK 

Recommended use level: 2 – 20 % (depending on product)
INCI PCPC: Lauroyl Lysine

Product Page: click here
Guide Formulation: Fill it up! Wrinkle Serum
TDS Amihope® LL: click here

Rahn cosmetic news - black and white picture of a woman, she has her hair tied together and she is holding her hand against her chin

Recommended use level: 1 – 3 %
INCI PCPC: Propanediol, Albatrellus Confluens (Mushroom) Extract, Citric Acid

Product Page: click here
Guide Formulation: Calm Balm

Video: check it out here

2. For instant skin relief: DEFENSIL®-SOFT

DEFENSIL®-SOFT contains an extract obtained from wild-picked mushrooms of the Albatrellus family. It acts as a neuro-soother by extending the feel-good zone of stressed and irritated skin.

Our bodies are exposed to irritants and stressors on a daily basis. How we deal with these depends on our own individual nervous system.
But there is one thing common to us all: when we are under too much stress, we end up off balance.
The same applies to our skin. There is no other organ in our body that reacts so extensively to stress, and the skin has an active sensory system in which the neurons are the most important players.
Our skin becomes sensitive if its nerve cells are constantly in the firing line or inflammatory reactions persist; itching and irritation are the results. The TRPV1 receptor is a key player in these sensations. It is a calcium channel that is designed to open following stimulation by heat, acids or chemical compounds that act as irritants. TRPV1 is located in the cell wall of sensory neurons.

Clinical studies have shown that DEFENSIL®-SOFT instantly soothes irritated skin and prevents the development of sensitive skin after irritation in just a few minutes. It extends the skin’s feel-good zone by augmenting the pain threshold and reducing the perception of the stinging and burning effects that occur, for example, in association with sunburned skin. Skin microcirculation and skin reddening are rapidly suppressed with DEFENSIL®-SOFT.

In-vitro studies have demonstrated the direct inhibition of the neuronal pain receptor TRPV1 and the prevention of its sensitisation. As a consequence, the calcium influx into this neuron and the release of CGRP are blocked, thus calming sensations and epidermal tissue. The neurogenic inflammatory reaction is almost completely suppressed.

3. For an instant splash of moisture: Gamma-MAX

Gamma-MAX is a novel water-soluble peptide that occurs naturally in our bodies. It is produced under controlled fermentation with glutamic acid using a proprietary, non-GMO strain of Bacillus subtilis. Glutamic acid is made by fermentation of sugar cane.
In studies, Gamma-MAX was shown to have exceptional moisture binding characteristics, allowing for maximum, immediate, and long-lasting hydration. It also acts as a hyaluronic acid (HA) booster by increasing skin suppleness and improving the stability of HA on the skin. Gamma-MAX, on the other hand, offers fantastic sensory characteristics.

Gamma-MAX is a fantastic four-dimensional moist complex: immediate, long-lasting, profound, and visible.

Rahn cosmetic news - woman with shiny skin holding her hand against her neck

Recommended use level: 0.05 – 0.1 %
INCI PCPC: Sodium Polyglutamate

Product Page: click here
Guide Formulations: Hydro Lock Serum
Guide Formulations: Uniq Serum

Rahn cosmetic news - woman wearing a pink mask around her eyes

Recommended use level: 0.5 – 3.0 %
INCI PCPC: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Pullulan, Porphyridium Cruentum Extract

Product Page: click here
Guide Formulation: Ageless Eye Serum

Presentation Ageless Eye Serum Results: click here
Video: check it out here

4. For instant lifting: LIFTONIN®-XPRESS

LIFTONIN®-XPRESS is a powerful lifting agent composed of a unique mixture of highly active polysaccharides of natural and biotechnological origin.

Natural or premature ageing triggers sagging skin and wrinkling of the skin. It starts with a deepening of the microrelief, progresses to the development of fine lines, and ends in permanent wrinkles. Depending on the severity, this can contribute to the appearance of aged skin. The polysaccharides in LIFTONIN®-XPRESS level out the wrinkles in seconds through a real lifting process, leaving the skin looking smooth and rejuvenated for hours.

Clinical studies have shown that LIFTONIN®-XPRESS lifts the skin instantly and reduces the wrinkle volume in the forehead and eye area by up to 30%. It provides a smoothing effect on the skin of the forearms and hands and creates a clearly appreciable firming effect, lasting for up to 6 hours.

5. For an instant positive mood and skin glow: MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE

MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE is a sensocosmetic active ingredient that revives and vitalises the skin. It reinstates the skin’s natural radiance and relaxes skin and mind.

Stressed and dehydrated skin can look sallow and dull. If you are also in a depressed mood, this has an additional negative effect on the appearance of your skin. MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE revitalises the skin with the help of all the senses: its scent compounds can lighten the mood even at low-threshold concentrations. There is an effect on bitter taste receptors in the skin, thus reinvigorating it and returning it to a healthy state. Skin becomes relaxed and luminous.

Clinical studies have shown that already after 5 minutes MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE can elicit a more positive mood in persons under stress by instantly lowering levels of stress hormones. 30 minutes after application, it generates exceptional radiance by activating five triggers: it balances facial hydration, reduces redness, brightens, reduces roughness and increases gloss. In addition, the skin barrier is strengthened, and the skin becomes more elastic. 

In-vitro studies have demonstrated that MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE activates bitter taste receptors on keratinocytes, inducing a calcium influx which is the driver of skin vitality. It relaxes fibroblasts and restores them to a juvenile state.

Rahn cosmetic news - black and white picture of a woman with curly hair holding a pink plant to her nose

Recommended use level: 1 – 3 %
INCI PCPC: Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Myrothamnus Flabellifolia Leaf / Stem Extract

Product Page: click here
Guide Formulations: Fancy Red Glow Drops
Video: check it out here

6. For instant odour reduction: TEGO® Cosmo P 813 MB* and dermosoft® decalact deo MB*

Rahn cosmetic news - woman with curly hair smelling her armpit *only available for our customers in: AT and CH

Recommended use level: 0.2 – 2.0 %
INCI PCPC: Polyglyceryl-3 Caprylate

Product Page: click here
TEGODEO® range - TEGO ® Cosmo P 813 MB: click here


TEGO® Cosmo P 813 MB is a mild vegetable based cosmetic co-emulsifier with anti-microbial properties especially beneficial for the use in AP/Deo formulations. It reliably reduces odor-causing bacteria on the skin at very low concentrations, while being non-irritating and non-sensitizing to the skin.

Benefits at a glance:

  • 'Intelligent' deodorant with both immediate and extended benefits
  • 24 hours reserve efficacy
  • Dermatological benefits (humectancy, mildness)
  • Easy to formulate

Rahn cosmetic news - man with dark skin putting deodorant on *only available for our customers in: AT and CH

Product Page: click here
Product Presentation dermosoft® decalact deo MB: click here

Dermosoft® decalact deo MB is a natural deodorant active blend with antimicrobial properties. It is liquid and easy to handle. The synergistic composition is highly effective against microorganisms causing body odour. Results from an in-vivo study prove the 24h-deodorant activity as comparable or superior to benchmark products.

Recommended use level: 0.2 – 2.0 %
INCI PCPC: Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate; Triethyl Citrate; Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil

Both TEGO® Cosmo P 813 MB and dermosoft® decalact deo MB are effective antimicrobial skin actives with a 24-hour deodorant efficacy for an instant or even extended effect.

Guide Formulation: Natural Deo Roll-On Emulsion
Guide Formulation: Natural Invisible Deo Spray

Guide Formulation: Natural Refreshing Deo Wipe
Product Brochure: Deodorant Actives

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