Meet the Team

USA Cosmetics Sales

Meet the Team

USA Cosmetics Sales

In 2006, we started to sell our own RAHN-Cosmetic Actives as well as a few trading goods in the USA through RAHN USA Corp. and therefore hired a Cosmetics sales representative. Three years later, we moved away from having one single salesperson and started a cooperation with an agent covering the entire USA to increase the market penetration.

After a period of 10 years working with an agent, we finally transitioned Cosmetics USA to our own team! Today, we are happy to count on three full time employees covering the entire North American market for RAHN Cosmetic Actives.  

10 Questions with...

Melissa Padua
Head of Sales RAHN USA Cosmetics

1. What is your favorite season?  Summer!

2. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
I love dogs! I have a beagle/basset hound mix named Ziggy. 

3. Teleportation or flying?
Teleportation. It would definitely cut down on my commute time and help me avoid traffic!

4. Fun fact about yourself?
I love the cosmetic industry so much that in my early career, I got a job selling makeup & skincare at the mall while working in the lab.  I have also pursued makeup artistry on the side. 


5. If you could learn one new personal skill, what would it be?  
I would learn how to be good at social media.

6. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Trust yourself. Trust that you are good enough. 

7. What's the tallest building you've been to the top in?  
I really want to say The Eiffel Tower, but I think it is actually the Empire State Building.

8. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?
I would heal the sick.

9. What was your first job?
A microbiologist in a small pharmaceutical company.  I have come a long way!  haha

10. Do you play any sports?
These days, no.  But I was a competitive swimmer and also played soccer growing up. 

Alissa Frontauria
Technical Sales Manager

1. What is on your bucket list for 2023?
Get back to as many concerts as possible! 

2. What is your favorite season? Autumn

3. What is the last TV show that you binge-watched?
The Last of Us

4. Teleportation or flying?
Flying for sure – I am a bit fascinated by birds

5. If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A traditional New Jersey delicacy: taylor ham, egg and cheese on an everything bagel ;)

6. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Don't complain, there is always something to be grateful for (thanks mom) 

7. What is your favorite book to read? 
Definitely, Harry Potter!

8. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
1920's Paris, with the only rationale being that I absolutely LOVE the movie Midnight in Paris.


9. What are you passionate about?
Traveling!  New food, new people and new culture help you grow (and also gives an appreciation for home)

10. What is your favorite cocktail? Old Fashioned

Rachel Ross
Technical Sales Manager

1. Fun fact about yourself? The longest I've ever lived in one house/location is 5 years and that just ended at the end of 2022. I've had a very nomadic upbringing moving about every two years. People always ask if my father was in the military, but he was not. He worked in the oil industry and was transferred a lot. I've lived all over the US (with the exception of the West Coast/Mountain States) and have lived outside the country. 

2. What is your favorite season? I love fall in Georgia and wish it would be longer. The cool, crisp air provides relief from the hot and humid weather we get too often in "Hotlanta." Living near the Georgia mountains, I love seeing the trees changing colors and when I look outside my window, it looks like a Bob Ross painting. I also love the fun atmosphere of Halloween and the warm fuzzy feeling that the holidays are just around the corner. P.S. Go Bulldogs!

3. What is the last TV show that you binge-watched? I'm a little late to the party, but I just finished watching 'The Shield' and boy, did I love it. It's right up there with 'The Wire'. I love a good 'law & order' show. I'm currently watching 'Yellowstone' and it's also very good (who doesn’t love cowboys, the mountains and Kevin Costner!)


4. Teleportation or flying? 
Definitely teleportation because time is of the essence! Flying could be a fun for leisure but when it comes down to my daily tasks & schedule, I'd love to teleport. I've got things to do and people to see!

5. What’s your favorite place of all the places you’ve travelled to?
I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in college at the University of Siena in Italy. I love the small town in Tuscany because it's not touristy and it feels unchanged from centuries before. From the beautiful scenery, to the historic traditions like the Palio, to the food and wine, Siena is a hidden gem and Italy's best kept secret. 

6. If you could learn one new personal skill, what would it be?
I wish I knew more about computer programming as it is a completely foreign language/concept for me. It's a skill that is going to become increasingly more important in the future and would help me be a little more tech savvy. 

7. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
Both! I grew up having both in my family and currently have a cat and two dogs. My kitties tend to be more dog-like than the average cat though. I had a cat, Phoebe, who played fetch better than any other dog (she was a beautiful F2 Bengal). I love animals and sometimes my house feels like a zoo!

8. What is your go-to karaoke song?
Hold On by Wilson Philips…cue the scene from Bridesmaids. It's a fun song to get into and be dramatic. 

9. What is your favorite cocktail?
It's tough to choose just one. My causal drink of choice is red wine, but if I'm feeling fancy, I love a Hairy Navel (despite its name!). It's like a Fuzzy Navel (peach schnapps and orange juice) but with the added kick of vodka. It was one of the signature drinks at my wedding but I renamed it the "Georgia Peach" for obvious reasons. However, like "The Dude," I also love a White Russian at night because it's like dessert. Lastly, if I ever want to feel like I'm on vacation or at the beach, a Pina Colada hits the spot! It's clear I've got a sweet tooth. 

10. What was your first job?
My first job out of college was working at the Air Force Research Laboratory on Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. I was a contractor working alongside military and government chemists. I was part of the Reactive Materials Team where my area of focus was to create materials that defended against chemical and biological warfare agents as well as fire. This included aircraft/tank paint, personal gear and reactive airlocks. It was an incredibly stressful and scary job. I had always wanted to work in the cosmetic industry so I was very happy when I was able to break into the industry. It was a great experience to serve my country in that capacity (albeit briefly) but my passion is cosmetic chemistry. 

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Alissa Frontauria

Alissa Frontauria

Technical Sales Manager Cosmetics


Melissa Padua

Melissa Padua

Head of Sales RAHN USA Cosmetics


Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross

Technical Sales Manager Cosmetics