Factors Influencing

Surfactant Systems

Factors Influencing

Surfactant Systems

Factors Influencing Surfactant Systems

Fine-tuning or reformulating surfactant systems can be a challenging task.

As a formulator, you are probably well aware of the profound impact that even a minor adjustment in your development process can have on the entire system.


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But what unfolds in this intricate process?

Typically, disrupting the formation of worm-like structures leads to a decline in viscosity.

This disturbance doesn’t just impact viscosity; it also influences stringiness and flow behavior.

Possible Factors Influencing Surfactant Systems

  • Perfumes (synthetic or natural): can alter the surfactant landscape.
  • Solubilisers (e.g., Polysorbate 20): orchestrate the solubilisation process, impacting the overall system structure.
  • Ionic surfactants: influence interfacial tension and solution behavior.
  • Solvents (e.g., Ethanol): alter fluid dynamics, affecting the thermodynamic properties of the surfactant solution.
  • Surface-active preservatives: interfere with surfactant functionality.
  • Change of pH-value: alters ionization states.
  • Reduction of surfactant levels: can decrease concentrations, reshaping micellar structures and solution properties.

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