Microbes Matter

How to balance your skins microbiome

Microbes Matter

How to balance your skins microbiome


Microbes were public enemy number one in 2020 and this was

bad news for our skin.

Our microbiome plays one of the most important roles in skin care and skin health.  

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So how can we restore the balance?

SEBOCLEARTM-MP: Pure skin with optimal microflora

The bioflavonoids found in the leaves of Maclura cochinchinensis can optimise the skin microbiota by inhibiting Cutibacterium acnes, suppressing inflammatory reactions, blocking 5α-reductase and causing sebocytes to revert to their precursor status.

An overview of the scientifically confirmed effects of SEBOCLEARTM-MP


  • Alleviates acne symptoms
  • Regulates the skin microbiome
  • Reduces axillary sweat odour
  • Promotes a homogeneous, more youthful skin texture


  • Regulates the skin microbiota
  • Inhibits steroid 5α-reductase
  • Reprograms the sebocytes
  • Suppresses inflammatory reactions
  • Exhibits retinoic acid-like activity

Click here to get to the SEBOCLEARTM-MP site and download more documents.

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