Perfume Pencils

Perfume Pencils

Create Novel Fragrance Formats

Chanel is experimenting with novel fragrance formats and is debuting a line of Chanel Chance perfume pencils in the form of a Discovery Set. The travel-friendly, leak-free stick format enhances convenience of use and taps into the waterless beauty products trend. 
The vegan oil thickeners GP-1 and EB-21 from our supplier AJINOMOTO have made this kind of formulation possible.

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" Experience is key. With help from RAHN, create novel fragrance formats that actively stimulate multiple sensory experiences of consumers, imparting deeper meaning to the product. "


Journey through the senses: 

  • See: visualise the fragrance in a unique new format.
  • Feel: the balsam texture melts on the skin, leaving a sensation of smooth skin.
  • Smell: the fragrance unfolds on the skin and accompanies the user throughout the day.

The ideal on-the-go solution for use at any time of day.



Solid Travel Fragrance Stick_Formulation

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