Quiet Quitting

The new Skin Care Trend

Quiet Quitting

The new Skin Care Trend

Quiet Quitting - The new Skin Care Trend

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Quiet Quitting – What is it?

Many people’s skincare regimens grew excessively extensive during the pandemic. There has been a significant increase in inflammatory conditions, particularly contact dermatitis, which has been related to the use of too many products, inconsistent skin care routines, and excessive cleansing.

People have been overloading on products, searching for short-term, quick fixes, with complicated routines that cause more harm than good.

For many years we have been taught that good skincare equals more skincare.

As if maintaining existing skincare practises weren’t tough enough, we’re continuously bombarded with new products and techniques, and we have no idea which ones are true or which ones to choose.

The term “Quiet Quitting” which was popularised by Zaid Khan in a TikTok video, refers to completing only the bare minimum at the office, adhering to the job description, and leaving work on time.

Now it seems there’s a movement to apply the same approach to skincare.

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How does it work?

Intrigued? Experts advise keeping to a routine that includes cleansing, an antioxidant serum, hydration, and broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

You don’t have to ditch all your extra products, either; instead, you could swap them in depending on the season and skin concerns. For example, replace your moisturiser with a thicker cream when it’s really dry and chilly outside. This will protect and hydrate your skin while keeping it soft and supple.

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Taking things back to basics can be a good way of helping your skin strengthen and repair itself. Plus, it’s kinder to our bank account. By stripping our routines back to basics, we’re able to figure out what really works for our skin.

According to experts, the emphasis on barrier-care and simplified skincare will continue to gain popularity and become a significant part of many people’s regimens in the future.


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