Discover RAHN's collection of high-quality composite raw materials

Discover RAHN's collection of high-quality composite raw materials

RAHN is your go-to source for composite raw materials. In addition to the adaptable reactive diluents lineup, our EnergyCuring portfolio offers a wide range of carefully designed products, such as the well-known GENOCURE* and GENOMER* series. These products are designed with purpose to satisfy the complex needs of composite raw materials and provide industry leaders including electronics, automotive, and aerospace with unmatched curing solutions.

At RAHN, we are committed to using cutting-edge composite raw material technology along with our dedication to quality to improve the performance and dependability of your composite applications. Our products are made to guarantee that your projects not only meet but also surpass industry standards by offering increased strength, durability, and remarkable resistance to environmental challenges.


What types of composite raw materials does RAHN offer for composite applications?
RAHN provides a comprehensive selection of composite raw materials designed for various applications, including a wide range of photoinitiators under the GENOCURE* trademark and oligomers under the GENOMER* series. These products are tailored to enhance the performance and reliability of composites used in industries requiring top-notch material properties.

How do RAHN's photoinitiators contribute to the performance of composite materials?
RAHN's photoinitiators, such as GENOCURE* ABD, BAPO, BDK, and others, play a crucial role in the curing process of UV-curable systems. They ensure efficient polymerization, resulting in composite materials with improved mechanical strength, durability, and chemical resistance, essential for high-performance applications.

Can RAHN's composite raw materials be used in environmentally sensitive applications?
Yes, RAHN's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is reflected in their product development. The GENORAD* series, for example, includes products designed to enhance the durability and longevity of composites while minimizing environmental impact, making them suitable for eco-sensitive applications.

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