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Disclaimer and Legend

Natrue / COSMOS
Approval / certificate available upon request compliance estimation

"means" is produced in the strictest absence of any animal derived material of any type

ISO 16128
In = Natural Index, Ino= Natural Origin Index, Io= Origin Index, Ioo= Organic Origin Index

C-chain Pattern (dominant plant origin)

PO = Palm oil
PKO = Palm kernel oil
CO= Coconut oil
RSO= Rape seed oil

certificate available upon request
compliance estimation

Inherently biodegradable = naturally degradable
Readily biodegradable =>60% after 28d
Biodegradable = 30-60% after 28d
weakly biodegradable = 1 -30% after 28d
Not biodegradable

RSPO Status
RSPO Supply Chain certification model
Only products produced in RSPO certified production sites supplied from RSPO certified supply chain partners can be used for Palm Oil certification purposes.
RAHN AG is in compliance with RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard

This list includes our most successfully used and commercially fully supported products. If your requirements cannot be met with any of these products, please contact us directly to help you find a solution.
We reserve the right to make any changes according to technological progress or further developments.


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