Garb'Ageing Clean-Up


Garb'Ageing Clean-Up


for its particular environmental benefits


for its particular environmental benefits

REFORCYL®-AION is a cosmetic upcycling concept combining cutting-edge molecular findings about autophagy with principles of circular economy and carbon-neutrality. It rejuvenates and purifies the skin by activating the key parameters of a healthy autophagy process: Golgi vesicle formation, mitochondrial fitness and LC3 gene upregulation.

Autophagy - a cellular upcycling plan

Autophagy is a natural cellular cleaning program. Damaged molecules and organelles  are enveloped by vesicles, enzymatically upcycled and then reused. Impaired autophagy weakens the skin barrier and promotes skin “garb-ageing”.

REFORCYL®-AION triggers vesicle formation by disassembly of the Golgi apparatus, the cellular parcel service. Furthermore, it maintains mitochondrial health and promotes their fusion to form an energy-rich network. It also upregulates the LC3 gene that is responsible for the fusion with lysosome, the enzymatic waste degradation system.

Clinical studies have shown that activating this form of cellular spring-cleaning markedly improves skin tone and leads to smooth, redensified skin.

cosmetic actives trends - description and explanation of autophagie of Reforcyl-AION

Scientifically confirmed effects:

  • Induces autophagy by upregulation of LC3A (in-vitro study)

  • "Spring cleans" to produce healthy cells and strengthens mitochondria under stressed conditions (in-vitro study)

  • Provides an upcycled look to ageing skin (in-vivo study) 

cosmetic actives trends - description and explanation of the production of Reforcyl-AION

Sustainable production and recycling

REFORCYL®-AION is climate-neutral and conforms to the principles of circular economy. It is based on the press cake of organically grown Styrian oil pumpkin seeds, a residual product of oil pressing and is part of a closed production loop.


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