Products for 3D Printing application

Products for 3D Printing application

Raw materials for 3D Printing Applications

We offer a full range of specialized and quality chemicals as basis for 3D printing resins, with excellent properties and for various applications. They are essential components in coatings on plastics, adhesives, electronics, composites and several other applications.

Explore our range of raw materials for 3D printing

Below you can find our portfolio of products applicable for 3D printing, such as chemicals for UV curable resin, urethane acrylates and other with details on their pplications and properties. Our chemicals are registered under the trademarks GENOMER*, GENOCURE*, GENOPOL* and GENORAD*, which are widely accepted standards in the industry.

Explore our products and their various applications for 3D printing resins. RAHN’s customized specialty chemicals have good flexibility, high abrasion, high reactivity, low yellowing, and other qualities necessary for high-perfromance results.


1) What are 3D resins and what are they made of?

- Resin for 3D printers is essentially a liquid mixture of several monomers and oligomers. The short carbon chains that make up monomers and oligomers are reacted together to form a crosslinked polymer network.

2) What applications do RAHN's products have?

- RAHN's specialty raw materials for 3D printing resins have various applications, including coatings on plastics, adhesives, electronics and many others in the medical, dental, automotive and prototyping industries.

3) Which features are essential when choosing raw materials for 3D printing?

- Material features are highly dependent on end use, and can encompass characteristics such as flexibility, toughness, and color among others. You can find many products from RAHN's portfolio that have these qualities.

4) How does RAHN's processing for 3D printing materials work?

- At RAHN, we first and foremost provide consultation for our clients in order to address key deliverables and requirements. Careful testing of 3D printing materials is carried out under various conditions to guarantee high-performance.

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